1. I actually like the art style. Maybe without the speech bubbles?

  2. Thanks, I will look for these... the harder the better for me

  3. Kranks will feel harder than other brands of the same durometer. Their formula also allows them to be tightened another full turn making them harder, not squashed.

  4. I have them on a setup for bombing hills. Great that I can tighten and make em harder when I want

  5. Laughing at dumb people. It is like watching the Special Olympics except I don't feel guilty.

  6. "Every non partisan economist has said that this bill will not reduce inflation but raise it." Source?

  7. Pro-communist. Which is mostly what this sub is apparently for.

  8. That is great propaganda for the useful idiots, but not once has it happened that way.

  9. I mean they’re raising more money from taxes than spending, so its a net decrease in money in circulation

  10. The S&W Model 19 may be the most elegant and versatile revolver ever made. The 3" carry comp is an elegant hot rod, possibly the most versatile version of the 19. I'd go with that!

  11. No fucking duh. Electric isn’t at that point yet, hauling trucks would probably do better with hydrogen.

  12. What ever happened to LNG for trucks? That was a big thing in 2008 or so. Cummins had their LNG large truck engine out at the time.

  13. It turns out that putting a highly flammable pressurized gas in a vehicle just isn't practical.

  14. I only saw it happening with tractor trailers, not cars or anything. That is where it seemed to make sense back then. Especially along the Gulf-Chicago highway runs where they were building all the filling stations back then.

  15. Hell, we did that for fun in grade school during recess. Match different boys against each other, take bets. Sometimes we got creative and tried like two smaller kids against one large one, stuff like that. That was mostly all of 5th grade for us. Win, lose, didn't matter too much as long as you put some effort into it.

  16. I watched a lot of this on the news with my dad. I mostly understood what was happening. I do remember the pope joining the protest and what a big deal that was.

  17. Yeah, well Americans can't figure out who the president really is either. So....

  18. Look at the Household Survey. It paints an entirely different picture of unemployment. The establishment and household surveys have never been this opposed. Something is not adding up here.

  19. Or the fact that no paying customers will want to be anywhere near a hotel of bums.

  20. I loved this idea when he first started, but I admit to thinking it was a bit of a publicity stunt. Valuable to prove a point for sure. I really had no idea it would actually work to the point of dems begging for federal help. Amazing.

  21. California has turned into an offshore penal colony after the San Andreas fault pushes California into the ocean. Air Force one crashes in Los Angeles with a doomsday device onboard. An imprisoned gunslinger is tasked with retrieving the president within 48 hours or die from the poison injected in his neck.

  22. We'll have to just let Snake die in this one.

  23. But what’s the labor participation rate?

  24. You need both to reveal the true picture.

  25. Wow. There's something going on, something insidious. The attacks on Trump supporters has reached a pitch like nothing I've ever seen before.

  26. Fear and dread is what is going on. Deep down, they know that NONE of their agenda has any support from real Americans.

  27. Democrats would never pass anything that is good for America.

  28. Seen that time and time again over the years

  29. Wait until y'all see the prices for the back to school supplies this year.

  30. Who the hell makes little enough to qualify for those covid checks? I wasn't 12 years old during covid! lol.

  31. Words are up to interpretation. I think sayings are limited, "good people vs weak people" is limiting language as is "good times and bad times". If the only point is the world has cycles then that's a different statement. We should all be more chill about politics except for when it causes harm or is misguided.

  32. Cycles in the world yes, but it is about the character of men built during each of those cycles. Look at the weak men running the western nations currently. I do not see it as limiting as none of us are personally stuck being weak instead of strong, it is just more the cycles that tend to produce those men on average.

  33. 1? Cent?? Bwhahahaa. Mom’s name, sister’s name, cousin’s name…

  34. After I ran out of family members, I signed up the elderly ladies on my paper route. They always thought it was sweet of me to bring them their mail along with the newspaper every afternoon.

  35. Why don't we all pitch in and buy a nice apartment building, split the units on the upper floors between us. Then we save that 10 person communal living shit for millennials to rent at really high prices. Then we live for free, maybe some profit left over. Solves out retirement problems.

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