1. Thank you so much, now I know what I’m dealing with! What ratio of dr. bronners to water do you use? Edit: Yes, it is outside.

  2. Shit that's a big house spider. I live by a river and we get really big one's in our apartment but this one's much bigger then the ones we find. I've been told they grow larger because of bugs they eat by the river I live by.

  3. Eratigena (Atrica Group) - a giant house spider

  4. Thank you! I’ve seen plenty of house spiders here but none quite like this one!

  5. Maybe is the best answer. They do eat young shoots of plants but pothos generally do t have a lot of fresh young tender shoots so…

  6. That is so helpful and I will definitely be making a moat! I have an outdoor greenhouse and the bottom is open. I usually see earwigs hanging around, but didn’t think they were a problem until this happened 🤢

  7. It’s called a False African Hosta. Keep it out of direct sunlight and water when the plant is almost to completely dry. And no, not a potato 😆—they grow from bulbs, just like tulips and alliums.

  8. Ledebouria petiolata (Drimiopsis maculata), it grows from that bulb.

  9. It’s mealy bugs. They cause that white webbing fuzz. I treat them with neem oil by spraying the plant. Some others alcohol qtip the plant. Isolate from other plans otherwise it could spread.

  10. Thank you! Unfortunately the closer I looked at my other plants I realized it’s already spread to most of my succulents 😫 I’ve moved them all outside and isolated them. Do you know if they affect other types of houseplants?

  11. Yes. They affect all houseplants but they have favorites. Mealy bugs are obsessed with my coffee tree; it’s very annoying. They’re easy to treat until they keep appearing magically outta thin air 🫠

  12. Tha is helping your plants. It is mycelium and it is essential for your plants to grow. Don’t disturb it. It will keep coming back. It breaks down the nutrients in your soil to make bio available to your plants roots. They work together

  13. Wow that’s so interesting! Luckily I haven’t touched it so I’ll let it be, thank you 😊

  14. Mould from being wet too long. The mould itself isn't going to hurt your plants, but the prolonged wetness will.

  15. Looks like worm poop honestly. In which case you have healthy soil and I’d mix that crap right back in.

  16. I did suspect worms but wasn’t sure how they’d get in my houseplants. Then I remembered I had gotten the soil from a pot that had been outside. How exciting!

  17. Ah thank you!! I was hoping you’d respond, this is the 3rd plant you’ve helped me identify ☺️

  18. I think it’s an Aeonium haworthii ‘kiwi’ variety!

  19. HI! I cloned a cutting from my umbrella plant in Nov 2020, she took like 4-6 weeks to start showing roots. Have patience!!! But I literally checked every day for over a month. I waited until she had lots of roots, then planted in soil and has been thriving!

  20. Thank you so much for the info :) There are a bunch of little white nodes coming from the stem so I have faith it’s growing!

  21. I just cut it as close to the stem as possible, but this was the only piece that had any nodes on it.

  22. Just make sure to keep the soil kind of moist for a week or two. My pothos prop didn't do so well with basically the same roots and being potted. However, I didn't keep the soil slightly moist so it could get used to soil from water.

  23. Hi! It is a pothos indeed and I'd actually answer yes to both questions. Pothos in my experience have been great in their transitions from prop station to soil. You can even pin down near thé node where you want it to grow other roots in order to make it look fuller in the future!

  24. I took a clipping off mine and repotted but it didn’t make it. The only difference between it and the mother plant was the mother has bottom watering pot and the clipping was watered on top. So maybe just my experience but figured I would share.

  25. Keep it moist with high humidity, not too much direct sun

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