1. i was about to suggest spawning twins but it's rog :(

  2. Yeah my friends only play CS2, GTA etc so i only play singleplayer ds :(

  3. I am convinced that driving a manual vehicle is the vehicle world's version of being vegan. People lay out all these benefits, but in reality, they just want to be able to tell people that they drive a manual.

  4. Well you got a pretty narrow vision then my friend , vegans are a small minority, manual drivers are not, also there is a big world outside of the US, just sayin. Manual cars may be nonexistent in the US, but that dosent mean sht, in Europe and Asia , 80%of the cars on the road are manual so automatic drivers are in fact a small minorita just like you know, vegans

  5. Dont respec to hammerdin at lvl 18. Holy fire paladin wrecks everything up untul nightmare act 3-4

  6. RNG is so weird. I don't track my runs but I've found, I believe, two Ohms, some Mals, smattering of desirable mid runes, and some Surs. No Los or Bers. I've found four total Surs so far, but two were in the world, not LK. Ber and Jah still elude me.

  7. I was aiming for 100 runs a day but due to work and not much time i burned out before reaching 1000, only found a Vex in the first like 50 runs and like 10 mals but thats it

  8. Thank you, possibly doing my first SP Ubers run tonight and I am now turning off my players setting in launch settings.

  9. Good luck, this was only my second run too, bit advice be ready for lilith, shes a btch kill the monsters if your worried because she can oneshot you easy then if the monsters are alive it will be impossible to get your corpse

  10. Damn sorry to hear it. I did p8 Duriel by accident wondered wtf was up

  11. I knew something was wrong but it was only my second uber and didnt really remembered how hard it was

  12. I’m trying to lvl my char to 99 in HC right now, and I’m on the fence about doing Ubers. I’ve done it a hundred times in SC, but still die every once in a while. That would be an expensive death considering all the gear you need to do Ubers properly. But man, do I need a torch…

  13. Yeah im not sure its worth it , its so easy to die and you have to do a couple of them to get the right torch

  14. Heti 50-60 óraban nyomom, nem nyomorék munkahelyt kell dolgizni 🤷‍♂️ ha meg nem tudsz ott dolgozni ahol szeretnél mert nem tanultál, az a te sarad

  15. He actually won? Lmao what a madlad

  16. Not really, sorry Legion but i woud burn the world for vas Normandy

  17. Easily the worst sequel ever made ive never seen a game franchise go from popular and fun to straight up hate so quickly

  18. I feel scammed that i cant play OW 1 anymore, OW2 is a joke,

  19. When I was a kid there weren't synergies in skill points yet :/

  20. Yeah i was 10 around 2009 (i grew up in a small eastern european village, and our pcs were so bad we coud only play games like D2 ,CS1.6 etc, not complaining tho it was awesome)

  21. Nova Sorc, I had no clue what I was doing ofc, but I vividly remember running Hell cows, teleporting around and mowing down herds if axe-weilding Bovines lol

  22. If you don’t support those practices then don’t play it.

  23. Damn, i can tell you never struggled with money in your life

  24. If your struggling with money that bad maybe you shouldn’t be gaming then brother god damn children and jobless people are the only ones arguing for piracy

  25. Im not struggling at all , i just said the piracy is justifyable when the game costs hundreds of dollars with its expansions like the sims 3,4 or any Paradox game , ever. I get that they work a lot to make so much content for their games but bro there are so much discounted 30 dollar or less quality games on steam with just as much content, if not more, so its a scummy buisness model just sayin

  26. They can tease all they like. If these games turn out to be anything other than complete garbage I'll be stunned.

  27. Its so sad but your completely righ

  28. Im this game basically everything is randomized exccept Cains voice lines. Im a variety gamer and play and played every game on gods green eart and D2 is as replayable as a game gets

  29. I'm rooting for Balder's Gate 3 to win. The studio did an amazing job and deserve it

  30. Its not my cup of tea at all but i want them to win too, getteing a full, completed game without microtranzactions seems so rare these days

  31. Im may be late to the thread but ill still answear, just play. Dont try to absorb too much at once, every time something comes into your mind just google it. Generally this is a hard and sometims kinda unforgiving game so your gonna make some mistakes but thats totally fine. If your intrested there are a lot of good og Diablo 2 youtubers who you can learn a lot from

  32. Your not ugly at all mate, tho you are a bit intimidating ngl

  33. BerIth, a classic been there done that 10/10

  34. I beat the og bullsht DS2(before sotfs) with KBM, one of the worst experiences of my life

  35. Eh, i just cant wake up in time. If i have to leave at 6:30 im gonna get up at 6:15, its a lot easyer just to grab some food and coffee along the way

  36. Damn. Congrats man i spent the last 1 and half of a day target farming it, no luck tho

  37. When the US takes football sereously the will stop calling it soccer

  38. I might be stupid but im pretty sure theres an accesibility option where you can change how much Atreus/Freya will help you during puzzles

  39. You do you.You dont need to read the books if your not a reader, for example i never read the books, i watched a video about the story of The Witcher 1, then played W2 and W3 and W3 still one of my favourite game of all time

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