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  1. Mom can we have God of War? -We have GoW at home

  2. She doesn’t have a mental illness, she’s just an overwatch player

  3. I just finished Sekiro, hardest game ive ever played, also just got my drivers licence, life is great

  4. Senkire nem vagyok tekintettel, én mindenkinél fontosabb vagyok, az én időm mindenki másénál fontosabb

  5. They can make the camera fly from the hut to the lake, these motherfckers can do whatever they want

  6. I had the exact same with Silent + two Alchemy, by far my most unique and fun hearth kill, i dont even remember what deck i had, but 3 potions / fight carried me all the way…

  7. Thats true, i dont even think Kratos woud kill her because shes trying to kill him but if she try to hurt Atreus, well, shes fcked

  8. Which would be totally sad, since that is exactly why she is attacking Kratos, for hurting/killing her son.

  9. I really hope she comes around, she helped Kratos a lot, and saved Atreus life, shes a good person

  10. The style is on point, i was wondering why its so sunny and clear until i realized

  11. You are a woman of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will.

  12. Nem tudom melyik településen laksz, de azért elég sok SPAR, Tesco meg újabban Lidl van ahol van önkasszázás. Nézz szét neten, hátha a közelben is van!

  13. Szentendrei Sziget. Sajnos nincs egy normális üzlet a környéken, ha lenne jogsim, meg kocsim akkor nem lenne gond, de sajnos nincs

  14. I always had this , on my PC and on my laptop too, i dont think theres a fix :(

  15. As someone who only completed the game recently, but watched lets plays of it back then, i was so afraid of this fight, but did it first try, patience and firecrackers are op

  16. If you honestly think Kratos as a a character hasn’t changed in his behavior, you clearly haven’t spent enough time playing the game to have a valid opinion. Dude literally went from “I will destroy the world for my vengeance” to “War is not the only way and I want to be left alone”

  17. Bro back then he snapped Hera ‘s neck for saying something bad,but now he even gave Baldur a chance to walk away after he slapped him he clearly changed a lot

  18. I just did this a couple days ago, this is a point where you start to become good, after this is i 2nd-3rd tryed every boss, even the dual apes, the better you get, the more fun youll have

  19. No offense, but nobody needs egoists in cs. People who don't listen to teammates are just useless. I am mostly the guy who tells people what to do, but I try to be as kind as possible, and that shows. With over 4000h, Faceit lvl 8 in my best time, and havibg played on a semi proffessional team, I often have the most experience and see through situtiatons, way before others do. But if my teammates don't listen, the game is basicly lost. Because it's not about individual strenght, it's abour team strenght ;)

  20. You misunderstand me bro,im not egotistic , i listen to teammates,and im sure as hell not better than and not smarter than everyone, if you ask me to go there imma go there , the problem is when they are not kind like you, and order me to go there like if im getting paid or something

  21. I get that, but being a leader dosent mean you have to be an asshole, also if its a random team, you dont get to order me around just cause you think you are some kind of leader , unless we are agree to it

  22. I love how the game can be completed perfectly fine without needing any combat arts or prosthetic tools. Just your sword and some deflection.

  23. In my experience ,sometimes its better to forget you even have prostetics… i love them and use them a lot, but trying to use them too much againts bosses only resulted a lot of death, firecracker is awesome tho

  24. Hell yeah. I've never played anything From Software or anything this hard. I'm 110 hours in on my first play and this is hands down my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME... HAVE FUN!!! ITS CHALLENGING BUT SO WORTH IT!!!

  25. Its easyier if you havent played any FS game before, having houndreds of hours in all of them fcked me over, the hardest part was recalibrating my brain to not jump or dodge unless i have to

  26. Soldier of Fortune 2 was my first videogame in my firts pc like 15 years ago when i was like 10, it was a blast

  27. A vicces az hogy aki nem így gondolja az vagy csak filmekben találkozott velük, vagy életében csak 2vel találkozott és mindkettő jófej volt úgyhogy biztos a maradék 99,9% is jófej, és aki nem igy gondolja az rasszista

  28. I grown up playing competitive fps , but i never in my life played a game where a 20% winrate is possible, i want to love this game so much , i think about it a lot , but playing 2 hours without a single win is just unreal to me, i dont even care if they are toxic just let me win ffs, i watch my replay list after every game and winning 5 out of 10 games is something i never seen in my life

  29. Rein vs Tracer, well not much to say about this

  30. I remember starting in silver 2, those were the fun games, up until i got to gold 2-3, i dominated every game almost 30+kills it was awesome, it was a lot better, now im in my own rank and im just like, or sometimes worse than everyone else

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