1. You can keep farming all you want, just know that you are enslaving sentient lifeforms and sending them to their deaths. You can also pretend I am just mad if that makes you feel better but I am just informing people of what is going on behind the image of a cute cow, it is propaganda to make people think it is ok for them to eat steaks and forget that most animals that are enslaved live terrible lives.

  2. Nice argument Senator, unfortunately, I'm in your house.

  3. You can knock him to the ground with any throwable and kill him with any gun

  4. Not even just CTF, why people who are in the same party are never on opposite teams is beyond annoying. Imo even if you're in the same party you should be placed on random teams. Going up against a 5 man party on the enemy team in any game mode is so stupid.

  5. Just want to say I used the VMP a lot when I was trying to get gold on it because iirc it's the fastest weapon to level up after you enter weapon prestige, now that gold is over though I prefer using the Saug 9mm (so I can go for gold on that)

  6. It moves too fast and the launcher is useless, also I've actually got a hitmarker on a thesher with Pali FMJ 1+2, so it's probably 2 or more shots post buff

  7. NZ has, literally, less than 1% of the total guns we do in the US. They asked their citizens to turn in their guns and they have received less than 1% of their own citizen's guns.

  8. And? They haven't had a mass shooting since the Christ mosque shootings.

  9. Considering you're randomly bringing up 1% over and over like it's some magical number, you tell me.

  10. Yeah well everyone gets made fun but tell where do you live and how much do you make a month because with today's gas prices owning a car is a pain and i just started working on my license so to pay for gas and insurance I gonna need a second fucking job

  11. FYI Biden is not a socialist, nor is most of his party. Gas prices started to rise under Trump, the just peaked under Biden, also because trump and Russia were buddy buddy while the current US-Russian relationship is badly strained, and Russia has massive reserves we can no longer use because of the war.

  12. I agree with everything you said except the last paragraph. While we have social welfare programs, universal education up until high school, but that’s not really socialism per se. Socialism in a Marxist sense is workers making decisions about the means of production by instead of having a ceo at the top of a complaint the workers hold meetings and vote on what the company does. The U.S. while having certain socialist qualities integrated into its mostly capitalist system it isn’t a socialist nation.

  13. I mean the last country to be completely capitalist was Greece, and that was in ancient Roman times, realistically no modern day country is capitalist, and very few are completely communist either. Most have a mix of one politiconomic extreme mixed with socialism, otherwise the country wouldn't survive. It's not that it has a few socialist qualities, but in order for it to be truly capitalist it has to check all the requirements for it, while socialism can still retain properties of either capitalism or communism without compromising its primary argument of being socialistic.

  14. My bad guys, i meant to reply to a guy asking about the gun, the gun is a mod but the bike is obv not,

  15. Depends on the specialist. Some are extremely high skill gap, others fairly or extremely low.

  16. Ghosts was actually quite good, just came out at the wrong time. Definitely not the same for IW. Hands down the worst title we've ever had. Actually, scratch that, it's tied with Vanguard but for different reasons.

  17. It is in Georgia -just north of Atlanta- according to the N33 59 02.761 W84 21 01.449 on the GPS

  18. In Georgia I'm pretty sure that's have been fine, iirc it states you can't blow past a bus on the same lane, or a lane one over from you. Being on the opposite lane should be fine?

  19. AW was criminally underrated, and the fact that nobody talks about how great all 3 modes of AW we're is insanely disheartening

  20. It depends, if the heist went smooth, we part ways happily. If you fucked up, you're getting the spawn shank. With the antique cavalry dagger of course, and if I fucked up, I patiently await my shank shank redemption.

  21. Purifier on BO4 is so shit the way it’s programmed, it literally Is never shooting where you were aiming when you watch killcam

  22. So many of the spec weapons honestly. Reapers bullets just disappear off screen if you're even a bit off target, it's ridiculous.

  23. Real griefers live in this game. I'm thinking they grind Cayo but use only the quickest methods so they have more public lobby time. While they're out there harvesting tears, their nightclub is racking up goods.

  24. No they don't run Cayo or anything they just buy shark cards

  25. Fresh start has like 4 different confirmation screens. You messed up

  26. Fresh start literally only has 2, same as always. Why an option to basically delete all your progress even exists is beyond me though. You'd need a mod menu to wipe all your stuff like that in other games.

  27. Not even close, Vanguard and IW are the worst CODs we've ever had lol

  28. But I also pay for someone to make sure that animal gets birthed in the first place

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