I found a jar that my husband has been ejaculating in and I threw it away. He got very upset with me.

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  1. My teacher showes the cinema scene to me 3 y ago. Now i have an epic Frank tattoo

  2. Headstrong, tough, bottled up, sarcastic. When you’ve lived a little similarly to her and stuff she’s been through, you just get it…

  3. I've never had that happen to me on ps3. Maybe the system is overheating?

  4. Tryed again today so it isnt the problem:( ig ill just restart my save

  5. It's possible the safe file got corrupted somehow. I've never seen that glitch before. If you are on PS2, go into your system settings and check the saved data file for the game. If it's corrupted, you have to delete it.

  6. A wizard is never late! He COMES exactly when he means to!

  7. That was real mature of you, what are you like 11? Lmao.

  8. I hope this guy is gonna cringe so hard when he gets the notification i comment here 7y later

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