1. I'm the only One can't change camera in game?

  2. It used to gave you the win, but there was a glitch i dont remember which fifa but you could make the opponent quit, to get free wins since then if someones quit you dont get the win

  3. anyone on xbox who wants to do co op squad battle for the early access pack

  4. you need to change his position from RW to RM, then add a manager form the premier league and when he play 10 games he should be on 7 chem

  5. Grealish doesnt play in the midfield, he likes to play on the wing especially in the left

  6. to be fair you didnt tackle, you just jock in front of him, still get the frustration

  7. any idea why? Its been so difficult, i have never been so out skill

  8. Which 433 did you try? Maybe try de striker qith the instruction false nine, it makes de wingers cut inside; Also it maybe your playstyle

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