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  1. And to think, every spec of light you see in this image might represent billions of aliens who are currently masturbating.

  2. They are all having a space orgy except gtudgye&ftg because nobody likes gtudgye&ftg

  3. Don't forget the best one of all, blaming remainers.

  4. Honestly at this point, I have no idea. Could be a number of things. If we have a depression and people are starving that would be it. If the court destroys gay marriage and ends segregation on top of the reversal of roe, that may be it. My apocalypse bingo card ended in 2020 so I'm just as stumped as anyone else. I live in a really liberal state, but when I hear democrats and Republicans saying the same thing I tend to get weirded out

  5. I think the quote is something like “any society is four meals away from anarchy”.

  6. To change the rules, of course. Players always try that shit.

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