1. I mentioned the discrepancy during the chat. I think this was an honest mistake. The agent apologized for the confusion. I’m content with the 20K points.

  2. They have all kinds of IT problems and their customer service is terrible a lot of MyFicoers, Redditors, Doctor of Creditors complaint.

  3. Oh thanks. I didn't know. I guess I will find out I was approved a couple day ago.

  4. Hopefully you won’t have any issues. Congrats on the approval! and enjoy the SWEET cash back!

  5. “You will earn the Preferred Rewards bonus on the purchase amount(s). The Preferred Rewards bonus does not apply to the incremental bonus earn for this promotion.”

  6. You will receive an extra 2% or 2X but this bonus will not earn the preferred rewards bonus. Ex Platinum with honors will get 5.25% on Customized Cash Reward CC on the selected category for a total of 7.25%.

  7. I guess I'll wait until Nov 5 to pay my entire property tax! Thanks!

  8. And bills too and everything. I might go and buy all the gift cards at the store

  9. You can pay online with PayPal at Home Depot and Lowe’s and you can buy gift cards and then use it at the store

  10. Nice retention offer. Did you ask for a retention offer? Or did you told them that you were going to cancel the card? And the they offer you a retention offer? Was this through chat or call? I have the Gold as well and the AF will hit my account on November.

  11. I did via chat. Kind of both on how I brought it up.

  12. It seems like a chat it’s a better option based on your experience and what I’ve seen on reddit. I got the card in November and spent 6k in 2021. I got two AU offers spend 1K and get 10K MR so I did both and hopefully this will help on November when the AF hits. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  13. Next year I will be 14 open and 5 closed after AFs hit I will close 3

  14. I closed Chase AARP cc because Chase sold their portfolio to Barclays same I did not want to deal with them.

  15. I have read about Max Cash Preferred this interesting since it will be one less thing to do every quarter.

  16. Keep downgrading in mind too. I downgraded BCP to BCE a bit over a year ago. Burned the BCE SUB, but oh well, likely would never apply for it anyways. After 11 months I got an upgrade offer, waived AF for a year + $150 statement credit on $1k spend in 3 months.

  17. I think I will downgrade it to BCE and hopefully I get an upgrade offer in the future.

  18. What about gas, tolls, streaming? I personally max out the $6k every year so it’s a no brainer. I understand it’s less compelling if you can’t do that. But I also get good value from Amex offers, which alone can easily cover the AF.

  19. I don’t have any streaming services. Gas I have other cards with 3% and last year I got about $100 back in Amex offers, but I haven’t been targeted for useful ones in the past 6 months

  20. Roughly how much do you spend on online shopping per month?

  21. Honestly, if you don't count Amazon (which is the majority of my spending) I would say roughly above $250 a month since I buy on ebay and other places for my lego collection or other stuff. But besides that, I make most of my purchases online nowadays

  22. I would recommend getting the BOA higher SUB $200 vs $100 and since you already have a 2% card. Also, Synchrony bank is the worst

  23. Or Amex Checking account. I’ve been waiting to apply for the BBP to see if I can get $500 SUB. The current one is $250.

  24. Bbp is 15k points. Are you meaning the blue business cash when u mention the 250 sign up?

  25. Discover is much more lenient than Citi or US Bank, but they don’t give them away too freely. I suggest checking their pre-qual tool. It’s pretty accurate and will let you know without a hard pull.

  26. My plan is to apply in Q3 2022. I’ll definitely check out their pre-qual tool when ready to apply.

  27. Great so chase is following discover catagories again. 🐂💩.

  28. That’s what I was thinking. I hope that Chase follows Discover on the the mobile wallets category.

  29. As the others mentioned if you close it will remain in your history but if you REALLY want to keep it open call multiple times i.e. different times of the day and eventually you’ll get a BOA rep that will change it for you.

  30. Tell her there are different approaches, and its important to develop her own style. Then give her a link to MyFico forums.

  31. I like this I’ll make sure to send her to MyFICO forums and not to Reddit Credit Cards lol. I’ll tell her read blogs.

  32. A potential way to get 9% is to use it for online grocery purchases for pickup/delivery if you are within your first year on the CFF and are under the 12k max.

  33. This actually stacks for a total 9% cash back first year promo and if you can pay via PayPal

  34. Right, that's what I was saying. I was listing another way to get 9x points.

  35. I just wanted to point out that you were correct since the other comments are not correct.

  36. I’ve started less than a year ago, and already wanting to end it….

  37. Interesting. When I got my first credit card on the first year I did not care about rewards at all.

  38. My first card was the BofA Cash Rewards and enjoy the 3% online cash back.

  39. BOA CR was my first card as well. At the time when I got it 3% gas. Now the online shopping category it’s amazing.

  40. My second cc was the original Chase Freedom. I used it for everything the for first two years. I was happy with the card if my spending matched one of the categories. I thought that was awesome. Then I discovered (no pun intended) the the credit card game and now I have a cc for every major category and to answer your question. I was Chase’s ideal customer by using the CF for everything. Outside of Reddit I know like one person who maximizes cc rewards like I do so there is not many people maximizing cc rewards relatively speaking.

  41. I have not received a new card. I closed my account before the transition. I’m expecting to get one soon based on the FAQ section it said that all accounts will be receiving a new card regardless if the account was closed or not. It said it on the letter to destroy the card. Is your AARP showing as closed in your credit reports? Mine shows as a closed account.

  42. In experience I’ve done legit returns on Chase offers and still kept the extra cash back. I did the returns expecting the cash back to be taken back. Don’t abuse it and try game the system I’m sure Chase will notice and could potentially shut down the account for abuse.

  43. Eh, right now, sure. But the 5% on grocery likely won’t last forever, and the CFF really becomes useful when you have the CSP or CSR alongside.

  44. Discover is friendly to people with a thin credit file. I want the instant gratification. I’m thinking Citi Premier, CSP (recently approved) and got both SUBs 80K and 100K. I’m in the garden for a little bit. I will wait for a good offer or I will apply for the Altitude Connect early next year.

  45. This is the optimal setup along with possibly getting a discover it or freedom flex to have one or possibly 2 categories as a 5% gas

  46. I don’t have the Discover It. It’s a great card but I just can’t justify applying for a cc and not getting a SUB. I wish I would’ve applied for it at the beginning of my credit card career.

  47. I wonder if this is a troll just to trigger our community?

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