doggo hates mangos but tries his best

I needed this today

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  1. Is she a Cayuga who has gone white with age? She is adorable!

  2. I love her petite black bill. Thanks for letting me know her breed

  3. well, thanks lol, this has given me some hope, ill try to remember this comment and come back to it if i get in 😅

  4. I hope you like trash and the prospect of being attacked with a machete. But if you're a labour voter, I suppose it's part and parcel.

  5. I’m so glad the community shares the thirst for Jason Todd because holy shit dude I’d suck his juicy white cock so hard

  6. batman: killing a killer doesn’t reduce the number of killers in the world. jason: ok don’t stop at the first murder. Got it.

  7. When I was a child I bollocksed an animal transformation spell into existence by mashing my fat baby hands on a keyboard and someone messaged me and said it worked, apparently they are a hawk now

  8. Yes, I'm both described as incredibly smart, being very academic and good at problem solving and riddles, and being "dense" and lacking in common sense.

  9. It really confused me when I heard it because I thought salad was like leaves and shit, I'm just picturing meat in the shape of lettuce

  10. Again, I don't think you're in a position to comment on fallacies when your crutch has been ad hominem throughout. Your arguments are the same as many used by transphobes so I will continue to compare them.

  11. I applaud the mental gymnastics it took for you to conclude that that was ad hominem, but continuing to insult me (e.g. "go back to school") was not.

  12. I think if they just didn’t treat it like it’s supposed to be a surprise would’ve been better. Make it a surprise for Batman, but not the player. Do something like give us small levels where we play as Jason or something, so obviously we know it’s not supposed to be a mystery.

  13. I absolutely loved it personally because I didn't know anything about Jason Todd, and therefore believed him to be dead, so when it was revealed it blew my mind. Main reason I hyperfixated on the game

  14. Once I was asked by a carnist what we should do if we decide to stop killing farm animals, so I told them we should separate them by sex so they can't breed. They responded that it was abuse to separate animals by sex and therefore we should keep breeding and killing them? They make no sense

  15. This is normal - I didn't feel attraction to women until I was your age, and my best friend thought he was straight also until 17 when he started feeling attraction to men. He also appears stereotypically straight and has been referred to as "the straightest person I know" by our pan friend until he came out as bi.

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