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  1. Meine Heizung geht nicht (außer im bad), die Wohnung hat 16 qm und mieft schnell ohne offenem Fenster und die Wände sind sowieso hauch dünn sodass alles entweicht.

  2. Uff, mein Beileid :O ich hätte wahrscheinlich schon ne Lungenentzündung

  3. Bin ne ziemliche Frostbeule und aktuell auch noch erkältet. Also ja, mir ist bei 19 grad im sitzen auf nem Stuhl recht kalt.

  4. Vll kann man einen o-ring oder was anderes dahinter klemmen? Durch den Anpressdruck könnte das abdichten und es ist leicht zu entfernen

  5. Ich finde mein Gehalt bei einem deutschen Unternehmen auf jeden Fall nicht zu niedrig, sondern eher großzügig. Es kommt halt ganz auf den Standort, die Branche und vor allem die Unternehmensgröße an, sowie natürlich die eigene Qualifikation, die den Marktwert bestimmt.

  6. Tja, ob du alle deine anforderungen in einem Gerät unterbringen kannst, zweifle ich an. Meiner Meinung nach einer der am wenigsten "evil" drucker herstellern ist brother. Der telefoniert aber zumindest immer noch nach hause für Updates. Um das los zu werden wirst du wohl selber hand anlegen müssen.

  7. Thomy holländische Soße schmeckt nach viel, aber nicht nach holländischer Soße - ändere meinen Verstand

  8. I don’t think so, however, the issue is if you start building the flood barrier after tiles have already flooded, the production cost for the barrier gets higher and continues to get higher with every subsequent flooding. There is a point at which the city will never realistically be able to construct the barrier which means the tiles are lost.

  9. Military engineers can finish a flat percentage of the barriers. If i have a city that can not finish the barrier on its own, i send a few engineers to handle the job

  10. I often think the mojarity thinks its a bad development. I however look forward to a time where everyone will speak the same language and will understand each other.

  11. Is there probably also a petition for the exact opposite? Would be cool if we could sing this instead, stop talking about all this and focusing the public an political energy on important topics, like, you know, renewables.

  12. Okay cool great, so we can use the 3 plants in question this winter for filling the heat gap that comes from not enough gas? Oh no, we cant? because THESE ones are only making electricity and are not connected to the heat networks at all or to the ones relevant? Oh geez

  13. I’ve never seen it go quite this far before, but Hammurabi has a big advantage generating the first great person of a given type since he can often discover the tech first, and gets the first building for free. With religion, this can set him up to be the only faith in town when there are also relatively few cities to convert. If you can get the world council to vote to ban great prophet point generation as early as possible the head start is pretty hard for opponents to overcome.

  14. Uhhh. Doesnt the world councel start in medival era? So no possibility to banning this? Was this probably changed during expansions?

  15. Even better. Before chopping remove the current item from the prod queue if the city, then chop, and then select the e.g. wonder you want to build to not only get the leftover but the full production of the chop

  16. People vote for them because they say what problems we have in germany what other parties dont say. I dont like Afd at all, but it would be stupid to say theyre all Nazis. I dont like their immigrants and gender theme, but I like that they say "why give the people 300€ as a bonus from their own tax money and than taxing it?" Or "Why do we vote (parlament) if we (politicians) should give us more money? We have more than enough"

  17. People vote for them as they are fed up with politics in general, which I can understand. But the Afd has no intent to solve any real problems. They offer simple and easy looking solutions to complex problems or rather non existing problems. They deny the real problems like climate change and can only hop on if there is anything that methodized for their populism. And oh boy, i hope i will never see that they will get in charge. They will do the same evil shit other partys do but times 10. They will sell our souls for personal profit just like the guys in Austria did (ibiza stuff) and will be much more corrupt than cdu/csu. And yes, i am aware of the evil or dumb stuff thst the current government does or the former did. But i totally expect the afd to do the same stuff x10 more. Just like trump and Johnson did. They fucked everything up and still there are people who tread them like the fucking hailbringer.

  18. Bezüglich der Frage warum das nicht alle machen: Unterschätze nicht die Bequemlichkeit, Faulheit und Unwissenheit vieler Menschen.

  19. I’m working on this on deity, about halfway done

  20. How’s the grind been? I’ve been doing like 75% science victories as they are easiest to me. Wbu

  21. I also think science is easiest. To be precise, i play with secret societies, barbarian clans, corps and on quick speed. But i always played like this, so i wanted it in my challenge aswell. Domination seems the hardest for me. Mostly because of the quick speed. When i have a civ that has a good unique unit than the power spike is mostly over when i built 4 or 5 of them, and enemy cities have already 60-80 defense. Domination only works with bombers and gdrs for me. If i get a civ that is onky good on dominantion, i go for diplomatic victory. I got baited too often jnto trying domination and had to restart after 100 rounds.

  22. When reading stuff like that i am wondering if it is a) the result of people that have no idea about the true core of diveristy an inclusion and order to implement what they think will please the "young and liberal" ending up with something that everybody hates, e.g. a quota. Or b) it is some kind of malicious compliancy of people who want any effort regarding diversity and inclusion to fail because they just hate the idea and therefore promote ridiculous solutions to be able to later say "see, it was a bad idea from the beginning".

  23. I would settle at warriors place, there a reef up north in second ring

  24. Yep, and campus on the other side of the mountains

  25. Dumb question, but shouldnt it be the goal to get rid of cars in cities as good as possible instead of finding ways for renters to charge them? E.g. have a look into fhe netherlands. Bicycles and public transport.

  26. They are limited. Already made a few? Or are all places for products full in this city?

  27. You don't learn all that stuff overnight. I started with desktop support, learned web development, PHP and MYSQL in my free time, took a Windows Server course a few years later, taught myself Linux by reading a book, learned networking in a group with colleagues, learned storage from another storage admin, learned VMware in the lab and by audio book, learned C#, Java, and PL/SQL while getting my degree, and taught myself batch, perl, bash, and PowerShell to automate tasks. That's all in a ~23 year career. Focus on the most important tasks and capabilities first, and never stop learning.

  28. Problem for me is that i think stuff tends to increase its velocity of getting obsolete. I havent done anything with kubernetes for a year and a half now and i think it moved already so far I cant say anymore "yeah, i know kubernetes". It looks like 20 or 30 years ago stuff seemed at least be relevant for 10 years so you actually could benefit from things you learned earlier. Right now it feels for me if i do something new, something else falls from the shelf on the back. Instead of hoarding knowledge I exchange it. I have more todo with software development right now and completly lost touch with hardware and infrastructure.. But i want to know both. It just doesnt seem to work.

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