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  1. Glazers are just incompetent. The scummiest thing they did was probably superleague n not maintaining the stadium

  2. I'm just wondering how the Barca flairs are going to defend this.

  3. These are my favorite memes on the fuckin internet cause I can hear it being said and it's so funny

  4. And in mercury as well, but let's be honest, whenever one thinks of buoyancy it's mostly in respect to water

  5. OP is a Spurs fan who spends his entire day finding ways to dunk on Arsenal, don’t bother

  6. wasn't Pinochet the guy who basically built their country?

  7. Only thing he built was his wealth, He was the guy who destroyed democracy with support from US.

  8. No country has the right to dictate other countries which people they invite, which alliances they chose, and which trade agreements they close.

  9. Looks like statue is showing withdrawal symptoms quick some sprinkle some cocaine over it

  10. Hitler definitely took battles 1 and 2. Vader got the last one though.....

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