1. Thats okay, as long as i get fair comoensation

  2. Ofc you will get lots of cuddles and kisses in addition to the usual perks of being a live-in maid ;*

  3. How could I not take you in and keep taking good care of you? <3

  4. Youre welcome. Looking at me with these beautiful eyes is simply irresistible. They look like gemstones

  5. When I dont like the artworks I dont even consider playing the deck. Ofc the playstyle matters a lot as well but it has to get over that initial hurdle for its esthetics

  6. I actually prefer the normal glossy ones before the royal finishes. I just consider them a free ticket for whatever same rarity card I want

  7. Definitely was worth the trouble I went through to complete this epic quest

  8. If you dont have any experience with it (and the game overall) I would advise against going into the pvp zones where you will most likely just get ganked. For trying it out I would go into the battlegrounds and even there you probably wont have a good time at the start

  9. Would definitely love to see you as Raphtalia xD

  10. Aww i will definitely try that next time :P

  11. When theyre this cute and sexy how could I not like it? <3

  12. Didnt sleep well this whole week so Im really exhaused by now. Hope I will be able to catch up on sleep this weekend. Well at least I can enjoy looking at the treats youre giving us to make it through the last few hours

  13. Thats not what I expected for breakfast but Im not complaining ;*

  14. Ohne emotionale Verbindung kommt Sex für mich nicht einmal in Frage

  15. You should really put your dress on or I will only be able to think of one thing you would have to take care of ;*

  16. I do have pics with more clothing on my OF but maybe ill post one tomorrow on this subreddit with the whole uniform, no harm in promoting with extra clothing 😂, i also have vids on my tiktok with the full uniform if u dont wanna wait and wanna see for free 🥰

  17. Thanks for the pointer. Could ofc not stop my curiosity and checked it out. Youre looking amazing in your maid uniform. You should definitely show it off. Would even recommend just rearranging the dress to reveal specific parts for your spicier content. There are some people like me who actually like to have most of the outfit intact for "cosplay" related stuff

  18. Would be nice to at least get some kudos for duplicates but its never been like that even before ftp. At least I dont have to worry about getting wins in every mode again in a short timeframe

  19. If she is as sexy as you I would love to have one ^^

  20. Together with black as a contrast color red looks great on you ^^

  21. Thankyou 🥰🥰🥰, for the compliments and advice 💜

  22. Youre welcome. Always a treat seeing you in my feed <3

  23. Well it might still cause an explosion so it worked as intended xD

  24. Nothing ruined about her. Simply her true desires set free ;*

  25. I'm still trying to finish Dinomorphia, the number of UR you need to have is insane!

  26. Ofc I got some Predaplant stuff too but only in the extra deck for Superpoly but yeah I dont think I will pull the current pack and just craft the Guardian Chimera once or twice

  27. I've been so unlucky with the packs, only been getting Nordic and D/D/D UR cards. I just crafted the predaplant cards instead of opening its respective pack

  28. Its always like this....only getting the archtypes you dont care about

  29. Awww, thats so wholesome, id be asleep in less than a minute 🥰

  30. Makes me happy to see my cute little pet being able to relax in my arms

  31. Both are adoreable. Depends on the situation what works best to bring across what you wanna say with it

  32. It really depends on to what kind of endboard this leads. When it causes your opponent to not be able to play without a specific out it isnt healthy for sure

  33. Both adoreable and sexy. How could I not make things explode together with you?

  34. Because I'm going to be busy playing with your dick, so we're not going to be able to blow up a lot of things. :3

  35. So it will be just one thing that will blow up repeatedly. Might be even more enjoyable ;*

  36. Haha thank you very much, would love to see your milk blast and drink every drop of it :3

  37. They are definitely quite the treat (and not just for the children ;*)

  38. Hihi, By day I'm an exemplary mother, the night I'll be your sex slave :3

  39. Pure Darklord is ok but Darklord Despia is better and even then pure Despia is less bricky (and still playing The First Darklord)

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