1. No, PC malware cannot be transmitted to an Android phone.

  2. Who needs to subscribe to her onlyfans when we have this shot lol

  3. Wärtsilä's ship engines are on another level. Just looking at those makes me feel proud of Finnish craftmanship.

  4. Under Siege is a fantastic movie, despite Steven Seagal. Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey just steal the whole show.

  5. Damn. That means those boxers and UFC fighters are probably taking multiple concussions per fight.

  6. That’s not how probiotics work!

  7. Its bold of you to assume that Mr.lovegood did not time travel with Luna over 9000 times in canon, back and forth, maybe even sideways

  8. The actual screen resolution will always be what the display was built for. You can change the values using software like ADB App Control and force different values.

  9. Guy who made a name for himself as a brilliant linguist decides instead to spend all his time talking nonsense about geopolitics.

  10. Should have made a name for himself as a cunning linguist like myself.

  11. "I want knugen to come with a knit moose antlers hat or the deal is off"

  12. Used to be much closer before 1940. One of the main reasons for the Winter War.

  13. 1) She quickly drew a similar slice across his hand, and a combination of his shock and still-sluggish reflexes didn’t allow him to interfere as she slammed their palms together with a wet slap.

  14. Ron - A seer but laced with a Cassandra curse. His predictions always come true but no one will believe them until it's too late.

  15. I really did, but Spike was too good for her.

  16. Whenever a country declares they'll strike or counterstrike, you have to take into account that this is what they want everyone to hear. Nobody would disclose their actual military plans, this is a very managed statement.

  17. Israel used to be a democracy. Fucking conservatives are going full fascist everywhere

  18. "Fascist Israel" is a term I never believed I'd see or hear anywhere in my life.

  19. It’s sad that they were too competitive with each other to enjoy being sisters

  20. I believe Olivia said something along the lines of, "there was no competition, and if there was, it was Joan's fault".

  21. Well... according to another reply here, one does not simply walk into Florida.

  22. Spotify HiFi is like practical fusion energy. It's always just around the corner.

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