1. Nah because I was reading al of your other comments it’s a weird hill to die on. Of course you can find someone not attractive but you are going about it in a shallow rude way. And yeah you also looked down on his career and the fact he’s not a big name to you and globally? Like really weird you are projecting so much on their relationship just because you don’t find it attractive

  2. Again you are really projecting it’s weird like how is she settling? because he isn’t a known name? Because YOU don’t find him attractive? Like really really weird opinion. Relax girl you don’t have to date him

  3. She’s naturally petite but she realllly slimmed down over the past year. All she does is workout 2-3x a day, post naked sauna pics, and go on vacation with her 30 year old bf

  4. Family is insanely wealthy. Social climbed through NYC for awhile and burned a ton of bridges. Now through her sex podcast I think she meets a lot of people?

  5. Right, my bad! It actually seems cool, I haven't listened but she seems very well educated on the topic and has cool guests!

  6. I actually really like her lol! I don’t love she’s friends with Alex cooper but whatever

  7. "Flattering" is kinda problematic imho. Because that's the term why women with bigger thighs don't wear shorts for example, because someone has said "it's not flattering for your body" meaning "it's not comfortable for me to look at you".

  8. Do people not evolve and change? You don’t think people can reflect on their actions see they are wrong and what to be better?

  9. Kim like actually has no presence in front of a camera shes so stiff and awkward, like in the dolce and gabanna show

  10. Ryan Reynolds has three kids and another on the way so he doesn’t fit this description.

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