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  1. Honestly despite being a good-sized duchy Novgorod kinda sucks because it's all taiga and forest. It makes me hope that some future expansion will add some trade mechanics. Kiev is certainly the best duchy in the de jure Russian empire due to the farmland holdings in the capital county but the lack of any special buildings keep it from being particularly impressive.

  2. For the benefit of CK3 players: You can do it via console using: effect title:title_name_you_want_to_integrate = { set_de_jure_liege_title = title:title_you_want_to_integrate_into }

  3. effect title:sicily = {set_de_jure_liege_title = title:italia} would this be a valid command

  4. Cringe Polish hussars vs chad Russian Cossacks

  5. The polish Lithuanian commonwealth used Cossacks a bunch like at the battle at khoytn

  6. Just don’t think it’d be fitting to have a navy, in the sense that we know today, in CK3. Middle ages ships were only really to transport goods and soldiers.

  7. Also how did Venice become so powerful if navies didn’t exist as we know them

  8. First the whole siege of Constantinople. Second the classical civilizations did naval warfare.

  9. Because the pike and shot gradually came to dominate all other forms of infantry weapons. It was a slow gradual process starting in late 14th century, and culminating in the 17th and 18th

  10. So that’s my point pikes historically we’re some of the best weapons in history

  11. Yes, but not universally. Heavy armor and big shields could allow the enemy elite infantry to close the distance to where the pikes were a hinderance

  12. Pikeman had secondary weapons for that situation. And that doesn’t mean they should be so bad in game

  13. I know this is an old post but I was just rereading the Caldera and I got curious if a map of Flanagan's entire world existed. Do you still want to work on this project? Because I'd gladly help you, I'm pretty alright at making maps

  14. Sorry I took a while to respond don’t go through my Reddit notifications that often

  15. I always change Khagan Uzur of the Kirghiz Khanate since I am Kyrgyz myself. The problem is that he did not exist at that time and was just created by Paradox to rule the Khanate since the history of Kyrgyz people was passed from one generation to another orally, thus a lot of things about that time were lost. With everything said, I chose to replace him since I do not trust the rule of my nation into the hands of a fictional character and replace him with myself. I like making myself in games where it is possible

  16. What about those who bordered them they most know the name or atleast nickname they went by

  17. It would be better if royal ranger never was introduced

  18. It gives me stuff to read and well they are worse than the originals they are still decent

  19. Well he's absolutely right, it's terrible advice. Settling next to a volcano means you have to dump three upgrades into Liang or just accept shit pop., whereas three turns travel bags +3 cul per turn from the get go. This isn't even a remotely tough choice.

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