1. Is going on for more than a year, some associates are documenting things like her bringing him coffee when she's off and he's not. ASM's either covering for her or too scare to act, The offender walks around the store offending associates and making them quit huge employee turn over because of management.

  2. This has nothing to do with them being an ex-convict… but favoritism of this sort is WAY against company policy. Call the aware line.

  3. I thought lumber ment just wood ..

  4. The department that drywall belongs to is Lumber and Building Materials, which gets shortened to just “Lumber” in HD speak.

  5. Isn’t lumber Department 21 and building materials is Department 22? At least in Canada it is.

  6. In the stores that I've worked in they are. However they have the departments have the same DS and the same employees staffing them, so how are they different.

  7. If unions are so great why arent they in every company?

  8. I guess I'm just late, but what happened at that home depot?

  9. While I don’t think we need a Union, I would join one of one were offered us.

  10. I think they say its hogshide leather at some point in the books

  11. I'm also recalling hog's hide being mentioned, but there's no mention or description of hog. Could it be an odd crab like creature that is only called a hog, or dp pigs actually survive on Rosier, where dogs and cats and cows don't?

  12. Seriously. My entire store only has 10 mil worth of merchandise total. No way Ryobi alone is that much.

  13. They’re probably adding in the other damaged that will need to be repaired/replaced

  14. Yeah, not loving it. Bet they figured they could make more money by raising the price of the magmadroth sets.

  15. Yup, this is the Master Of Recruits. Due to the ecropilis Hawks being a RG succesor they are very careful with their geneseed thus necessitating a swift hand so that minimal geneseed is wasted

  16. Love the beard, love the fire, A++ would upvote again!

  17. My money is on Dalinar. He has been shown to take more punishment than a normal man, and is willing to sacrifice to win. He was seen to relish The Thrill and even make it work for him. It wouldn’t be an easy win, but he would still take Kal.

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