1. The replacement switch will not get banned, no. I'm in the same situation as you. You're able to add your account to a new switch and get all your cloud save data, any purchased games/DLC. You also want to make sure you change your replacement/new switch to your primary switch:

  2. I got mine but deregistered after I loged in on my new switch.am I screwed? No issues for 3 days

  3. So I was wrong, I guess you can unhack them. But it’s a somewhat involved process, and not without risk of bricking it. Not something I’d really want a random eBay seller to do, not something I’d agree to if I were the seller. But I guess you could always ask, that’s your prerogative.

  4. I don't I was thinking for reselling purposes they might have hacked it,unlocked the region,and unhacked

  5. Oooooh I see what you’re saying. No, the only way it can play out of region games is if it’s still hacked.

  6. Just buy it new, I wouldn't trust a renewed device.

  7. Lol wouldn't that be an argument against it?

  8. Can you DM me one for cyberpunk? I'm way to poor right now to get it dealing with student debt and all that would make my day Merry xmas

  9. I’ve never had this issue so I’m not sure how to help

  10. OK so I got it to work but it just seems to copy everything to C whenever its streamed in. I guess its to run games off of real time and you delete the game off C once your finished with the session and it stays on wasibi drive? Sorry if these are stupid/annoying questions

  11. For me the games load directly off the drive I usually copy game files to the drive and run the red directly from it and it starts right up

  12. Hey I got expandrive free trial and now no games will load up what settings do u use?

  13. Ever find a fix,I'm downloading the crack right now but don't wanna get stuck halfway through

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