1. I meant that i don’t want them to be more than friends because they have a cute and healthy friendship and it would be too bad to go down the relationship road and maybe ruin it.

  2. wait didn’t he and Christina breakup or does he have another girlfriend ?

  3. Are we sure ? I doesn’t look like him but i haven’t seen the guy in years

  4. The Daily mail said it was him and Tobey has gone to some other sierra canyon games too so I think it’s him.

  5. The way y’all act like Kim is this big villain and Kourtney and Khloe are some victims is weird . These are grown women and each of them have their own flaws .be fr, this isn’t some fanfic.

  6. I love how it's like collectively known and accepted that Khloe is not single currently 😂

  7. 😭 yup we all know she still has space for Tristan no matter what , she’s not gonna find a man anytime soon if she’s still this close with her “ex”

  8. It’s lazily shot with … body parts behind her in the make-up photo and a giant cooler taking up half the image in the last full shot!

  9. It’s because this is the behind the scenes not the actually campaign, that’s why you can see the cameras and her getting her makeup touched up .

  10. she looks good when she’s making expressions with her face !(also I think this is behind the scenes)

  11. so is he back in the family now ? … I give it a few weeks before him and Khloe get spotted out and about

  12. Watch till the end to get my point, there is no way Kim commented that

  13. So? Even if it was Kim would she “smile” to Ray J?

  14. oh that’s what you’re talking about , I didn’t even realize Ray j was there sorry I thought it was just a painting of Kim

  15. lol this is the man y’all think was Khloe’s soulmate pls-😐

  16. Her lips look exactly as they did before the filler. So now I'm wondering if her filler dissolved, or did she even have that much filler to begin with.

  17. She overlines tf out her lips most of the time , her lip filler has always been minimal when she’s not wearing makeup

  18. Based off of Kim’s stories seems like she’s at home , i wonder why Kylie isn’t using her own jet

  19. Hahaha I love this. Do you think Kendall complains a lot and is annoying and not very charming in real life? Kind of seems like it in this video.

  20. I mean whether someone is charming or not we all complain so I don’t really see this as any indication especially bc she’s talking with Simon and “Food God” aka Johnathan

  21. she was going to do it eventually ,not everything has an ulterior motive especially since it’s been almost a year.

  22. I could be wrong but at this point I guess it was Travis who didn't want his son on social media. They are really done!

  23. Her new hairstylist is very boring. I loved Jen

  24. Yeah too bad Jen has basically stopped doing hair in general except for the big events like the MET. She has two kids now so I think that what she’s focused on . Irinel used to one of Jens assistants but she’s still kinda new to this.

  25. It’s funny because 98% of people despise the Kardashians but the minute they see one they ask for selfies and stuff. I guess it’s the definition of being infamous but still

  26. I don’t think that it’s 98% of people disliking them in general , a lot of time the hate is just more visible than the love . The haters go out of their way to make comments and to be seen but overall they have more supporters than they do have haters .Social media tends to be an echo chamber and doesn’t really reflect real life.

  27. It wasn’t even princess Diana’s necklace though , she just wore it to an event but it’s not like she was the owner of the piece.

  28. Does it matter ? It’s her money and it’s not like she’s doing something wrong . She’s not the only one who’s purchasing this type of things , most rich people do this.

  29. So those are just “normal” women in Dubai? Looking like THAT?!?

  30. Idk but everytime I see women from Dubai, they always looks so gorgeous and expensive.

  31. 😭 she does look very awkward next to the other girl who looks very confident

  32. She gets more hourglass as the video continues on. Then the tell tale arm behind so we don't see the forearm getting widened

  33. tbh there are videos and picture with fans at this event that are unedited that don’t look different from this is you want to check them out on her fanpages.

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