1. He don’t have to stalk a page , y’all acting like he can’t go to her house anytime he wants

  2. She was his Chanel bride , opened/closed many Chanel shows , he photographed her for magazines , she starred in his campaigns and even vogue included her in his list of muses. Obviously you can disagree bc it all depends on your personal opinion but yea lol

  3. Agreed. A lot of 90s inspo. Maybe Kim will be back to brunette by then.

  4. I feel like every year we say this and then half of the celebs find a way to be off theme 😭

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with this outfit ? it’s not like lots revealing or anything usually Penelope wears pretty age appropriate outfits for a 10 year old but idk.

  6. lmfao ain’t no way nobody noticed this . I’m convinced they edit their own photos bc there is no way a professional would of let this slide💀

  7. I just don’t understand why Kim needs to work with problematic, racist , and homophobic brands like D & G , she can do better than that .She’s already very successful so why do this ?

  8. I mean at a certain point those women have to hold themselves responsible for deciding to mess with Tristan knowing he was already trash. Obviously Jordan was the first one so she’s the exception but Khloe took him from a pregnant women and Maralee already knew about what he had done to Khloe so that was their choice.Tristan is trash but they knew that already.

  9. Yeah it’s for the opening of the first ever 818 shack which is a permanent Tequilla bar .

  10. Ye is posting everyone these days , I hope they are on better terms tho bc at the end of the day they have kids together and were married for 9 years.

  11. She was in Miami last night for a 818 launch so there’s no way she would of made it to Milan that fast .

  12. Usually a lot of high fashion brand have celebrity guest who walk . Jlo, Lady gaga, Paris Hilton ,ect. I don’t think it means brands are opening up for non conventional people , just that they know having a celeb walking will bring more attention/excitement . Idk if she’s walking tho but she has a colab with them so who knows . The fact that she working with D&G is already a red flag

  13. He posts about a lot of models and usually when he posts her it’s with her boyfriend anyways. His story is filled with so many different people .

  14. I think it’s a natural feeling to feel empathy but I agree . It’s not like it was the first time he’s cheated.He’s publically embarrassed her multiple times for the world to see and still decided to go through with the baby . After he cheated on her while she was pregnant on camera she should’ve been done but she went back to him after he also cheated on her with a family friend so idk . Yes Tristan is a shitty person but we’ve known that for years . It’s not even speculating either bc there are videos that’s we have all seen of him cheating. He doesn’t even try to be discreet about it either.He left his pregnant girlfriend for her so what did she expect ? she probably thought she could change him .

  15. As long as he’s not complaining about Kravis then i don’t see a problem tbh .

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