1. Thought the same thing so I decided to start using the loan to check him out and he DESTROYS

  2. I suggest going no date. No issue of the cyclops being off that way.

  3. Thx for the advice. Any chance you know who might have one on hand??

  4. Thank God I went here because they’re selling it for $300 so thank you

  5. It’s a rolex submariner, not sure what is the factory because I’m buying it locally

  6. With those specs you could run this game on anything. I mean this game is known for being fairly forgiving to run...

  7. What are your current settings? Is the laptop plugged in? Is power mode set to best performance?

  8. Rn I’m on default because I can’t find any for laptop. And yeah I’m running plugged in

  9. I use toty ruben dias and it does wonders for me in div 1

  10. Yeah I’m not a fan as well, I use it cuz I packed it untradable. How should I buy?? I got 700k

  11. 700K gives you quite a few options, I’d go for tots debruyne

  12. I’m like 5 wins away from div 1 but struggled a lot on fut champs

  13. Yeah same here. Last weekend I barely got to 10 wins. I don't wtf is going on. I win 6-7 in a row in div rivals but fut champs i sometimes struggle. This weekend I am currently 3-3. Are all the players in fut champs div 1 or elite ?

  14. Exactly and there games that I completely dominate to end up losing lmao

  15. Lighting and that they’re decently worn. Search the shoe in the search bar and find posts where other users have tagged people. Tag those people

  16. But besides that you think they’re legit right?. Btw got them for $475 was it a good cop in your opinion??

  17. I’m leaning toward yes but there are people who have much more experience with these than I. These are just things I learned to look out for when searching for the absolute best pair of reps of these. Value wise I’m not sure, wish I could be of better help in that regard.

  18. Thx for your help. I’m pretty as well sure they’re og for what I’ve seen and also they passed on checkcheck and multiple other people told me they look fine but wanted to have more opinions

  19. Seems exactly like my Retails. Rounded toe box, plus swoosh touches the stitching.

  20. Nice to know for sure they’re og, thxx. We’re you able to buy yours when they released??

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