Bank of America calls police on 'Black Panther' director Ryan Coogler after attempting to withdraw $12,000 from his own account

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  1. did she delete her comment? because I can’t find it

  2. It’s still there for me… I screenshot it just in case (ha yeah right) this hasn’t been posted yet…

  3. Why do I never get these events? I’m also in year three….

  4. Got two tinker bells. Unfortunately for me this is my white whale, I’m gonna have to spend some time and money lol.

  5. In the build menu click the small red "Deconstruct Building" button and it allows you to hold Shift to click on consecutive buildings.

  6. NTA. Buy the clock that projects the time onto the ceiling and set it up so it’s right above him when he wakes up. Not that you should have to, honestly …

  7. Oh lord don’t do it. The last three times I cruised I wasn’t off the ship on time. There’s never a guarantee. I mean, if there’s no penalty for missing your reservation than that’s one thing, but we’ve just learned to consider embarkation and debarkation day as anything can happen days. Saves us the headache of having hopes- if it goes smooth it’s a pleasant perk, if it doesn’t, well than that’s the cost of cruise vacations

  8. I've been meaning to checkout the one they built on the Big E grounds but I guess they didn't re-open it for the 2022 season which I don't fully understand.

  9. Its was busy every time we went! We were so disappointed to hear they’re not opening it again this year, but I’m inclined to believe since the fairground has been hosting events again they want the parking to be open vs having the drive in running again :(

  10. Ahhh favorite port. First cruise was there, just got back from being on the pearl two maybe three weeks ago now. Considering going again before the year is up lol. NCL has a random short November sailing

  11. Kylie’s the only one who looks good. I said what I said. The kids don’t count in this statement

  12. Something rubs me the wrong way about this. I wish she had just worn a replica. There’s so many implications behind her being like ‘I fit into Marilyn’s dress’ just…. Let it be a piece of history instead of inserting yourself into the conversation

  13. Heyyy we’re on the pearl right now hahaha that looks lovely

  14. Do we know what’s in that suitcase? I just thought it was the silver sparkly jacket, lol the laptop would make more sense

  15. Nahhh. But so far I’ve been promised not to be changed from remote status as I live across the state now so my commute is 2+ hours each way

  16. Omg my mother made these and they were just rice Krispie treats in our house. I’ll never forget being at someone else’s house and being offered a rice krisoe treat and being WEIRDED OUT like what is this marshmallow shit?! That was the day I learned lol. These are what we got when we had loose teeth too hahahah worked almost every time- refrigerated rice krispie bars

  17. Look Steven Assanti, you miserable POS. Take that fat ass sow you are married to and just disappear. Please, you are worthless and will always be. I absolutely hate your and Miss Piggys guts

  18. Omg I had to double check what sub I was in lmfao ☠️🤣

  19. Omg thank you I’m not the only one. 0 stars not impressed

  20. Ahhh you beat me to it! Also, good. I hated wolf not that it was my business lol

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