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  1. The eyes of the dude with the gun…it’s like he’s regretting every life decision that led him to being in this picture. And he’s about to end it all…

  2. I do that when my boss asks for 10,000 things and I want him to be as overwhelmed as I am in those moments…

  3. Anton Yelchin. He was so young (close to my age) and had a promising career. And his death was such a terrible way to go.

  4. I didn’t have to scroll at all to see this. Such a promising young person and such a crazy freak accident 😢

  5. I got downvoted for revealing the source of my trashy ass tshirts…

  6. I saw them too in Spencer’s I’m glad I have enough common sense to not buy them 🙏🙏

  7. Every time I see this, I think that even if you added both of their asses together, it still isn’t one full ass…

  8. What's the big deal about the date? It's not like Feb 29th or 30th.

  9. Try saying 23th out loud to yourself

  10. Fully expected to see an ugly little child of yours in the background

  11. I came here to comment the same lmaooo

  12. “I’m not like other girls” 🤮

  13. I uh…regularly cry about Dolores 😢

  14. “John, that bathroom’s been closed for forty years…”


  16. I had a shitty boss that had a few: endelope (envelope) fire distinguisher, jonder (genre), pacifically (specifically). She also “magically” could never remember or pronounce any of her POC staffs’ names. Yes, even simple names….7 years later and I still hate that racist cooze….

  17. Cool story, nta, but can we fuckin stop using "tard"?

  18. Thank you, scrolled too far for this. I agree with the NTA part but OPs post reads very aggressive in general…

  19. YTA. Hopefully the bride cuts contact. If you go back to being bffs, how are you going to handle her potentially having children? This is life. Relationships evolve. Seek therapy.

  20. I just had my bi-salp a month ago. The first three days after are the absolute worst. It is a bad idea to work. Getting up and walking around was very painful. Would also recommend taking a full week off before returning to work. Though its not major surgery, its still 3 incisions cutting into your muscle tissue and abdominal cavity. It’s gonna hurt and take a few weeks to fully heal.

  21. Right? You never really think about how every single movement you use your ab muscles! It’s been a month for me and I ended up taking 2 weeks off. Still 100% glad I did it!

  22. My guy does it 🙃 not the scream but the gasp. Like, I’m aware my dude, I spent 10+ hours commuting a week

  23. Who the hell keeps taco receipts from last week, let alone 1999???

  24. Stop at a dispensary on the way in! Sucks to have to go back into the wild for some smoke. Pretty rural area.

  25. Haha that’s higher (see what I did there) up on my list than basic necessities. So much of this trip is like a bucket list for me closing out my twenties before I turn 30 later in September and going to a dispensary without a medical card is on that list

  26. So you’re in the general gorge camping?

  27. Thank you! I definitely might have more questions. Going to sit down and write out my entire itinerary this weekend

  28. I’m willing to bet that downvote was a Kia Soul owner. I myself have a black Soul and I thought this video was hilarious. And with the 10 billion Kia souls out there, there’s bound to be at least one trying to run a bitch over (I swear it’s not me)

  29. NTA but why are you with this man? If he’s so comfortable insulting you IN FRONT OF HIS FAMILY, how bad is it at home?

  30. I hope we all figure out what it is because I want to smoke something and read this book…

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