1. I personally love ABITW Part 3 into Goodbye Cruel World and how Pink finally completed his wall

  2. I see. But just for clarification, I let my parents use my Netflix account to watch whatever they want. And they have a smart TV that lets them use Netflix on it. So does that mean, once this thing goes into effect, that they won't be able to use it? Just curious

  3. Pretty sure the Bible doesn’t talk about how space works, so I guess they’ve just been using it as a basis for bulshit for a loooong time. Damn it would be nice if they were smarter then that in 2023.

  4. Well it does talk about how the earth is structured. Genesis (and maybe other books) describe earth as basically a snow globe. The planet is basically like a disk, and you have the firmament (i.e. the surface where we all live), the deep (the oceans and everything beneath that) and way up in the sky is called the expanse. And the way we get rain is that there are windows in the expanse that let the rain in. And I think it also says that the sun and moon are the same sizes since they look fairly the same size from down here

  5. I'm so thankful I don't ever have to do meetings on a daily basis like so many people do that I help. The perks of working in IT 👍

  6. A gift or money given to the groom by the bride's family, as a symbol of their marriage. It's common in South Asia, used to be in medieval Europe, but is mostly considered illegal.

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