Wife catches her cheating husband

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  1. What keyboard is that? Is it a custom? Sry I'm a big nerd when it comes to keyboards

  2. Where did you find your desktop background? I have been looking for that image in a size that fits my large desktop.

  3. I don't exactly remember where I got it. But I posted an image of it here

  4. Guests aren't paid to come on shows like that.

  5. Great idea, but that one doesn't really get to me since it's so extreme lol. But I probably will rewatch it now. Thank you

  6. Not at all for me. They feel practically weightless on my head

  7. So I first heard about the Grado brand from some YouTuber whose name unfortunately escapes me at the moment. But I was looking for a new pair of headphones since I started working from home and have to use my Sony WH-1000XM4's as my work headset. I just wanted a pair to use for when I'm just chilling in bed with my laptop or phone.

  8. Story time: At my old help desk job, right when COVID first started to calm down a bit and more people came into the office, my boss was in a Zoom meeting with his boss and other big whigs of the company. Well eventually, he notices someone walking around behind the guy who's in charge of engineering. He looks to the guy in the conference room with him and says "You see that?". The guy in engineering was working from home, and so was his wife, but the person behind him, a woman, wasn't his wife. Turns out she went to the office that morning and I guess he brought over a "friend".

  9. If you're internal you might be able to ask your supervisor/HR to do something about it. Outright insulting your coworkers is generally frowned upon. They may not do anything but it's worth a shot.

  10. That's the thing: she's been complained about before, according to my coworkers. Yet she's still here of course

  11. I've had YouTube premium for six years now I think. Easily one of the best decisions I've made. I already hated ads to begin with and would have to suffer through them on my phone while I had uBlock on my laptop. But I use my phone more than my laptop, so it made sense to get Premium and haven't looked back

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