1. Somehow I feel getting shouted at after seeing this

  2. I think this person just used an innocent, misinterpreted question to further her activism and political ideology. This person deliberately wanted everyone in the country to know what allegedly happened.

  3. No one should wield power in a democracy without having to answer in someway to the electorate. This statement is an anathema to our democracy;

  4. That belief is an assertion. There really isn’t a single form of “democracy”. We have the right to vote and have lots of liberties and rights. I think we live in a democracy. All forms of democracy have an autocratic element in them.

  5. Autocratic elements aren't democracy or a form of democracy. They are vestigial elements of times before democracy.

  6. How do you think the government works? Government works through force.

  7. Probably the one in which people in one of top 10 richest countries don't starve and freeze...

  8. Who’s going to be implementing those? And with whose money?

  9. And why should other people pay more to sustain other people?

  10. Asylum is for people who are being persecuted (political, sexual, religious etc) or for people fleeing war.

  11. I’d also note that government persecution (political, religious, sexual preference) is different from persecution by private individuals. Asylum law in most countries focus on government persecution.

  12. The article, in effect, says that the Greeks and the British are still in a brainstorming session as it relates to ownership. The article also says that the British museum can’t just surrender ancient artefacts (except in certain circumstances) without government approval.

  13. They should protest in China about China’s greenhouse gas emissions and environment policies.

  14. Because there is no answer. You seem to be suggesting that we have to refine this down to a precise level of responsibility down to an individual level, and because that is impractical it means we shouldn't bother doing anything.

  15. You don’t have a personal answer as it relates to your own actions?

  16. I guarantee you this is not an accident. He wanted that bag, so he took it.

  17. He knew that he didn’t bring a bag with him. He took a woman’s bag and took off the tag. He perfectly knew what he was doing. He then drove off quickly with a bag that he didn’t bring with him originally.

  18. Luckily there isn’t a jurisdiction that prohibits women from getting a lifesaving abortion

  19. Yeah no. If they still support trump after he literally called for a coupe they’re not good people. Like at all.

  20. Causation can be shown by showing a factual link or a foreseeable result by the accused party.

  21. I understand the legal benefits side of it, but I disagree that unmarried people cannot be committed. You say that marriage defends a union, but ‘union’ to me sounds at least as abstract as ‘love’. And if people do change over time and stop loving each other, why would they want to preserve that ‘union’?

  22. People generally want an assurance of stability and surety. People do not want to be in a position where they have to wonder if their partner’s feelings will change overnight, next week, next month or next year.

  23. That seems like a weak assurance to me, whether someone is in a serious long-term relationship or a marriage, feelings can still change. But I do see how that could be meaningful to people.

  24. Then what’s the difference between a serious, long term relationship and a marriage?

  25. No. It should also be said that government agencies also interpret the law. Their interpretations of the law can be and have been declared legally wrong by the courts.

  26. Christianity respects individual rights and equality more than other religions

  27. Then why did Christians fight to support slavery and against civil rights, womens rights, and LGBT rights?

  28. Because self interest overrides the meaning of the Bible.

  29. This is just a money grabbing operation and a plot to get people to give up driving

  30. No thanks. People are going to be forced to buy a new car during these unfortunate and tough times.

  31. Another demographic I do not care to read about.

  32. It’s because hormones don’t decrease bone length. There’s no evidence that it happens.

  33. Are there differences between male and female? Yes. Are they cut and dry like this? Absolutely not. Anyone that spends any amount of time reading about the human body knows it's very varied and sex isn't so simple.

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