1. personally im at 3 sneaking over at 6 sometimes tho

  2. Am I out of touch now a days? I’ve only heard of 4 of these…

  3. Agreed. It’s going to be so sad if there are only male artists/male-lead bands up there :( all the picks are great so far, don’t get me wrong, but Jenny Lewis is also fantastic! as are so many others

  4. fr if this was genuinely based on how similar the artist was to death cab they should b top 3 easily

  5. leaving the show pissed cuz a lack of color wasn’t played :,(

  6. It’s one of the most cheerful albums I’ve ever heard. I love meeting people who know about it. Apparently it’s very polarizing. That makes sense tho not everyone is gonna like the singers voice and that’s fine

  7. if you like them, I highly recommend Wolf Parade !

  8. Awesome thanks for the recommendation. What album should I start with?

  9. Apologies to the Queen Mary is their masterpiece

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