1. The bar was gone years ago and they have since beaten the poles that used to hold up the bars beneath the ground.

  2. I was going to type out a ton of stuff but here are the links instead-

  3. Once server mushing is in, everything will be fixed. Oh wait...

  4. Remember when they were like we need ssocs, icache and entity graph for 4.0 and mashing. Then 2019 rolls around and its like radio silence until they announced PES lol. Now they don't need mashing for Pyro anymore.... I wonder what the next buzz word will be?

  5. Every time I think Karens are ready to go extinct a Star Citizen apologist slaps me in the face.

  6. This was back in 2017 and 2018 when they had to borrow money from the Caulders something Chris said from the onset was something they wouldn't have to do. Just more lies of the lie pile.

  7. 2016 Citizen Con where they laid out the initial road to 4.0 and all the "game play" that was right around the corner.... In 3 more years all those "promises" are going to be a decade old and still do not exist or are a fraction of what they were "pitched" as.

  8. I am skeptical of SC being used for money laundering. It would make much more sense to target Valve's marketplace due to its larger size and the fact that it allows quasi-direct P2P RMT sales.

  9. Roberts already knows he can liquidate all the CIG assets for millions like he did with Digital Anvil no reason for him to do shit other than keep milking the idiots until the last dollar has been bilked.

  10. They were having issues hosting numbers of people trying to test the 3.18 on the PTU. All the big streamers were testing it and most of the subscribers. This was a highly tested extremely delayed patch it was broken while it was on the PTU they knew it and pushed it out anyway.

  11. We were promised a full trailer for this game 3 years ago this march.

  12. It was also supposed to enter beta 3 years ago which was the 5th missed release date for the project.

  13. Early alpha lmao. You can't just call a thing based on "time" that same thing in perpetuity.

  14. A man fueled by cope, ya hate to see it.

  15. Is it really that much different than any of the other trash they push out and call progress? I've been alpha testing since 2015 the experience has always been well not very good.

  16. I was gonna say this but you already said it.

  17. They just need more time and money guys don't lose faith yet we're so close to just around the corner!

  18. The game has been in early access for seven years this dude can suck my ass.

  19. Games a dumpster fire does anyone even care anymore?

  20. 0.92% of the Star Systems have been delivered.

  21. Lmao I've literally had arguments with two of the mods on here where we disagreed the conversations were conducted like adults that disagree. Nothing I said was moderated?

  22. Also a big free fly and ship sale event is coming up which always gets those with less brain wrinkles frothing at the mouth and vehemently defending what is sure to be a "sound investment."

  23. Which version of server meshing the one they talked about in 2016-2018 that flopped in 2019 when it was supposed to release.

  24. It's my fault the game is terrible. My fud broke the code. *rolls eyes*

  25. Everytime CIG tries to do something more than just basic basic gameplay they fall flat on their faces with out fail this was no different.

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