Aaron Carter dead at 34

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  1. So this loser really smuggled in a bottle of negdar just so he could take a picture with a bike? Cause I highly doubt a museum would just let you walg in with a full size bottle of booze. Aw, Who’s kidding who, bapa was probably bringing it in either way or he wouldn’t be able to make it through a full museum tore without the shakes.

  2. Big John was a great referee but outside of it he‘s a moron.

  3. Jiri watched Brandon Schaub‘s Gringo Papi comedy special and couldn‘t recover from it

  4. You do understand that the husband is a sexual predator, right?

  5. Ice Cube ain‘t worth 9 million dollar, so he‘s lying

  6. I think he’s imitating Chael Sonnen, „interesting“, at the end

  7. the super ball steam with tyson and the nfl guys

  8. I couldn't imagine obsessing over Brendan Schaub and making these posts on a daily basis.

  9. Thanks. Wow, almost 100.000 subscribers - This is hilarious. I can‘t tawlk.

  10. literally what’s the point in commenting this on a post of someone who died? just Google it instead of showing Reddit how cool you are for not knowing a celebrity

  11. iiiverything he does looks redacted as fugg but in a non funny way.

  12. Omg he’s full blown Alex Jones level now. I mean he was always kind of a douche but we all liked him at some point. Now he’s full blown crazy conspiracy shit, wow.

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