1. This should be called: My apartment with my old vs. my new camera

  2. Kann man mit dem Studium dann easy nach Deutschland wechseln zum Praktizieren oder wie funktioniert das?

  3. I'm on a similar path, but rather at the beginning. My suggestion: There are people that do the same as you, befriend them to share struggles & celebrate together. Start a project with a friend together

  4. I actually found the opposite to be true! The left side is charged in NTD and the right is charged in CAD. It's 1.5% cheaper to be charged in foreign currency (NTD being the foreign currency in this care). The receipt on the right says 4% currency conversion fee, and I know my credit cards only charges 2.5%. There are credit cards that have no conversion fee, though.

  5. Same!! Especially with German credit cards we don't have foreign currency fees and thus it's always cheaper to pay in the local currency

  6. Old post but check out

  7. You mean something like this?

  8. Hey, I know this question is old but I just came across it. Paru Bot also allows it

  9. Okay actually just found the "nearly" perfect package - whatsapp & imessage is missing but still a lot of other stuff is there:

  10. Thanks all for the super helpful answers! We decided that we would change it up and not stay for too long in one place :)

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