1. I am able to feel energy and use my intuition to interpret what others are thinking/feeling, I am not a master at this in no sense and it can get overwhelming when I’m not in soul. Telepathy is energy reading and to understand it you have to trust yourself.

  2. Do you not see the irony in this ? The amount of ego it it takes to say that you can interpret what others are thinking is astonishing.

  3. But how would I enjoy a rave without at least one sweaty, drunk man elbowing me in the face?

  4. What kind of music is typically played at Shambhala? I didn’t recognize a good portion of artists in their last lineup.

  5. House , dubstep , bass music , electro funk , downtempo… all the stages curate their own lineup so they essentially compete with each other to bring the best acts . It’s a pretty eclectic lineup . Not much DnB, trance , or techno . Everything else is basically covered

  6. There's always at least a few DnB artists on the village! Some years it's stacked with Dnb

  7. Most definitely! Saw Alix Perez and Monty a few years back at the amp for the 1985 showcase

  8. The attention span of a fish this one

  9. Humans now have an attention span of about 8 seconds , less than that of a goldfish .

  10. I don't really consider glitch hop or midtempo particularly experimental either tbh

  11. Spot on . Even tipper isn’t really experimental , triphop beats with sick ass basses . Is it crazy good ? Yes . Better than most other producers ? Yes … is it experimental ? No not really . Hell I’d say frequent and the upscale crew are doing some pretty experimental stuff right now . O-Prime Delta is some of the most boundary pushing music I’ve heard recently. Rob Clouth doing concatenative synthesis is in the most literal sense , experimenting with a new and different type of sound design.

  12. It’s because your homes are worth more money than they used to be hence the increase

  13. What does California being expensive to live have to do with the fact that Floridians can no longer afford housing ? Florida is one of the least affordable housing markets in the nation rn and this guy can’t stop talking about Disney and gay people lol fuck off

  14. Miseducation isn't a solution to complexity. Jfc, what a lazy and useless take. In your hypothetical why does school even exist if it isn't to educate?

  15. Wtf ? Going over the average and the most common scenarios in a time restrained setting is not “miseducating”. Typically , biological females are xx and Biological Males are XY , there are other situations when that is not the case but they are the exception. It is not an issue to teach this and it is not miseducation. There are sooooo many nuances and abnormalities to cover , they can’t all possibly be discussed in a basic level biology course . That’s what higher level education is for .

  16. Luckily you are obviously not a teacher and what you say here doesn't matter outside of making you seem like a trog.

  17. He questioned her on her use of the term. “People with the capacity for pregnancy”. Why would he have an issue with that?

  18. Maybe it was important to differentiate between whether they were talking about men or women on the topic. For instance , if they’re talking about the gender pay gap then it’s important to understand whether they are talking about men or women , not just “people with the capacity to carry children”.

  19. I would agree with that. I’m this instance though (correct me if I’m wrong) they are talking about roe v wade which is a topic rather exclusive to pregnancy

  20. Yeah I’m not sure what they were talking about , of course the internet cuts out all context . Just pointing o it that sometimes it is important to classify and understand which categories of people are being discussed in order to develop the best means of helping said category of people .

  21. Electric Forest had similar issues. After two years off there are just so many new people who have no idea how to be respectful. I'm hoping it isn't a new trend.

  22. Oh it is , and it’s only going to get worse with this younger generation . Not to sound like the old guy who’s complaining but a lot of these kids who are 18 now were 15/16 during Covid and missed crucial developmental years as far as their social behaviors.

  23. What’s wrong with TJ’s? I’m poor and I shop there all the time

  24. All of that is Spirit of Suwanee music park, which hosts multiple festivals year round, not Hula making those upgrades

  25. Hula for now, but Echoland Is likely going to be just as big and the other Suwannee fests haven’t jacked up their prices due to improvements in the bathrooms, etc. So your theory doesn’t exactly work out… However, I’m not complaining too much about the price, because I’ll always go to Hulaween. It’s the only weekend of the year I get to hang out with all my friends at one place, but I don’t think the bathrooms factor into the price increase

  26. Echo land will not be as big as hula , none of the festivals they’ve done in that time of the year have been as big of a spectacle as hula. None of those other festivals have as many art installations as hula either, if any at all. They also mainly use the two stages that are there year round. I’m sure setting up spirit lake stage, campground stage, the patch/hallows plays a big factor in cost of hula compared to these other fests the park hosts. The revenue that the SOSMP has gained over the years has gone into the grounds , I’m sure the price to use the park has increased over the years along with everything else in the world. I’m not happy with the price increases (especially for the RVs , it’s increased like $100 a year every year lol) But I’m also not naive enough to pretend like there haven’t been any improvements or upgrades. Just this year I saw more “cabs”/official golf carts giving people rides, another small example but still.

  27. Guess who’s going to get an email from their administration asking why they have so many Fs in their class ….

  28. The guy in the green jacket doesn’t hit a single person who’s actually looking at him . Every contact he makes was a sucker punch . Pussy

  29. Jade cicada , detox unit , Mickman , Schmoop, resonant language , anybody from that team

  30. There’s no difference in sexualizing children and adults ? What’s next ?? Raping somebody live as an art exhibit ? It’s fucking ridiculous and obnoxiously egotistical for artists to think they can dismiss morality in the guise of being “artistic”

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