1. You could put your pup in the bathroom. Tile is easy to clean up and as long as everything is put away you don’t have to worry about her getting into everything and you can go a bit longer without checking in though the night. In crate I’d say check in every 2 hours to make sure she’s clean. Fresh water should be available at all times. Each time you check in also take her out and see if she will use the bathroom. Owning a pup is like having a baby and owning a dog is like having a toddler. Sometimes it sucks. Best of wishes for you and your pup

  2. I work at a vet clinic and it really depends on your dog. Some dogs do great with visiting during treatment and others tend to suffer anxiety and stress after visiting. Is your dog anxious? Suffer from separation anxiety? How did he do after the last visit?

  3. Train for the crate. You don’t have to use it often but your vet will thank you for it, if an emergency in the future happens you’ll be thankful for it, and in the future after spay or any potential surgeries that require crate rest it will be a lot easier and safer on your dog if she’s already used to it.

  4. that’s a really good point for the vet/emergency. I hadn’t thought about that

  5. I work in a vet clinic and can definitely say that it makes everyone’s lives easier and safer when they are kennel trained. It’s already stressful for animals to see the vet. New strange place with strange people, couple that with a painful injury or an illness and it’s already super stressful. If they are used to be kenneled though it typically helps to relieve that anxiety and is much safer for you pet plus the staff.

  6. My 20 year old kitty, Monique, began having similar symptoms just last month. Before that and for her entire life, she had never ever been ill in any way. She kept pawing at her mouth and it was confirmed that she had a RANULA, which was located under her tongue. A RANULA is a blocked salivary gland which swells and swells as it fills up with saliva, and the best treatment is surgery to remove the gland (s). At 20 years old, I absolutely did not want her to have a surgery and then the healing process, nor did the vet recommend surgery due to elderly cats and anesthesia. I was given meds to help with inflammation and antibiotics in case of infection. (RANULAS are much much more common in dogs than in cats)…but here was my girl with this damn thing, making it increasingly difficult for her to eat and drink. In a very short three weeks from diagnosis, she was totally worn out and I knew I had to set her free from this misery Two nights ago, the vet set her free and I still can’t stop crying. My point is that obviously there is something in your pup’s mouth (and other places) that are making her very very uncomfortable and possibly in severe pain. At 13 years old (she is adorable, by the way), your parents have a MORAL DUTY to bring her relief. It sound to me that they may be in denial, or something similar. Can you take the pup to the vet for a diagnosis without your parents since they will not ? Your dog is suffering, it seems to me, physically, and emotionally. To not tend to this problem (s) is actually abusive. My best wishes to you and your pup…

  7. For your cat to make it to 20 years shows how wonderful of an owner you are and how loved she truly was. The greatest gift we can give them is love and care until the very end. You did all the right things ❤️ I’m sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you during this really hard time 💙

  8. Hard to tell from the photo what it is. It kinda looks like seed ticks. What kind of prevention did they use? Some preventions only cover certain species of ticks.

  9. That’s what I’m saying! I’m gonna order a DNA test once he’s done with his intro vet visit in the next week or so

  10. Keep us updated on results! The ears say hound to me .

  11. Veterinarians are seriously regulated. More so than hospitals I’d say. We can’t do anything to an animal without owners consent. We can beg and plead for them to opt for euthanasia but we cannot administer it under any circumstances without the owners consent. We also can’t report animal abuse because the owner is seeking care (even if they are only willing to pay for an exam and call it good). We are able to do more exploratory things that a regular human dr can’t do if the owner gives consent for it, and I’m assuming that’s what your referring to when you say unregulated. This actually really allows us to further our science for animal care though. It’s not about being “really into rules and watching animals suffer” it’s about if we break those rules we will be shut down and cannot help save the lives of other animals. Vet staff is leaving the field in masses due to the stress and emotional toll that we go through on the daily and some of the horrible things we see that we physically aren’t allowed (by the owners) to do anything about. This is the law. We don’t make the rules. We just try our best to help the animals we can.

  12. I work at a vet hospital. You can ask your vet for some meds to help your pup remain calm. They aren’t expensive and won’t keep her asleep but she’ll be much more calm and laid back. I currently have a dog on kennel rest while he’s being treated for heart worms. We got him about 2 months ago and he is very high energy and hates the kennel. Some traz has really helped him relax and stay calm. Another thing you can offer is mental stimulation while on crate rest. Kong toys, lick mats, chew toy. This allows them to have an outlet for their stress and energy while also helping keep them distracted about the crate.

  13. We are very far and few between though

  14. Your friend was an idiot. Most dogs don't like to be hugged and kissed especially by strangers.

  15. This. And also work on muzzle training. It’s not cruel if done properly and protects you, your pet, and others. It also helps with medical emergencies and regular vet visits. Dogs rarely just go after someone with no warning. I would be willing to bet he gave warnings and she ignored them. Be sure to educate yourself on your dogs body signals so your better prepared as well to read how your dog is feeling about a situation.

  16. I know in my state (Oklahoma) I told the dr that I had insomnia, chronic pain, and back problems. Weed helps with all of my problems and he approved it.

  17. How long did the entire process take for you? Like what happens after the doc approves it?

  18. I’ll also add that I got my dr approval online through a virtual meeting. NuggMD is the site I went though. Super fast and easy. Can vouch for it being legit.

  19. I did the filing myself, so once I had the dr approval I filled out everything for the state and sent it all in. It took about a week for them to approve it, then about 2 weeks for my card to actually make it in the mail. Be sure when you take the picture you follow all the rules. They are simple but they won’t accept it unless it is right.

  20. Hey I was once in the same boat as you. I’m 20 now and doing a lot better, but I was diagnosed at 14 and in public school. Some days it hurts to just wear clothes. I missed a lot of days, had to give up a lot of my sports, and overall I got pretty depressed. My sophomore year of highschool I started doing my schooling online. It made a huge difference for me. I succeeded, was able to participate in music lesson, equine lessons, and more. Still got a graduation, proms, field trips that the school all funded.

  21. Sounds like it could be the alternator - if you can jump start the car and check the battery voltage with a multimeter while it’s running

  22. I agree with it’s probably the alternator.

  23. Sometimes I’m in so much pain all I can do is lay in bed, cry, and hope it’ll subside soon. I’ve broken bones plenty of times but when I get a really bad flare up I’d rather have a broken arm again. If your really thinking it’s something else definitely look for a second opinion but fibro pain can be some serious shit and it’s different for everyone.

  24. I've just never heard of someone having fibro pain like this, that's so wild omg.

  25. Fibro isn’t talked about nearly as much as it should be and people have a very wide range of symptoms. I’ve had friends with problems where drs don’t listen to them and chalk it up as fibro without any testing only for it to be a major problem. You might try going to the Er if it doesn’t get better soon. Don’t tell them you have fibromyalgia until after they run testing for you and actually look at you. If they don’t find anything then I’d say it’s probably the fibro and it’s just a waiting game and possible change of diet, routine, and medication.

  26. Probably a fuse. Find the fuse and check that it’s not bad. I’m pretty sure it’s in the fuse box under the hood.

  27. Haha Ive Google Volkswagen wiper fuse, and can't find it. I've watched about 10 YouTube videos. If you manage to find it , I will owe you a sheckle

  28. It’s a 30 amp fuse. Gonna link this fuse box video. It’s based off a Passat b7 but should still be useful. Skip to minute marker 2:21

  29. I would definitely go ahead and do it. Saves you a potential headache in the future

  30. Blue heeler mom here and can definitely say that cattle dogs pick their person and that is forever there favorite person. That being said to get my heeler to listen to my fiancé more and like him more I’ve started having him feed, walk and do training with her. The training has brought them closer together than the other things. She associates him more now with treats and toys and is a lot more willing to listen to him. Before she’d just flat out ignore him lol. It does take time though and your pup is going to always be closer to you than DH.

  31. I’d go to the E.R if your regular doctor won’t listen. If you do go to the emergency room don’t tell them you have fibro. In my experience the moment you tell them that they write all your pain symptoms off to the condition.

  32. When I got mine I didn’t feel it being implanted until the day later and my arm was just sore and bruised where the implant was. I will say I really liked it at first but it hasn’t agreed with my body and I’m constantly on my period. Might have a day or two out of the month where I’m not on it so I’m having it removed and going to try the patches instead.

  33. Did you talk to your doctor about being on your period consistently? my doctor told me if this happens, they can put me on another pack of pills for a month and that usually clears it up.

  34. I went to the dr today. She decided the best thing for me would be to remove the implant and return to the shot, which did good for me. She doesn’t want to try the patches yet instead she wants to get my cycle back on tract. I will say that the implant would have been amazing for me if it hadn’t caused the problems it did. I loved not having to worry about it and i never ended up pregnant on it so it worked in that aspect. The removal was super simple. I have a small cut basically like a paper cut. Didn’t hurt at all having it removed and so far no bruising.

  35. 3.89 for gas here about an hour from Tulsa ok

  36. Toothpaste works sometimes I’ve heard bug spray works to but not so sure about it.

  37. Might just be sore. Check to make sure there’s no swelling around her leg and check her paw too maybe she just has something stuck in it. Try moving it a little bit and see how she reacts. If she’s in a lot of pain take her in if not give it a little while and see if she feels better.

  38. Usually means the dog was in a situation that was bad and it wasn’t able to really be a dog and enjoy its life so it has to learn how to do all the things most dogs learn as a puppy. It has to learn to enjoy toys, attention, running around outside, wagging its tail etc.

  39. Talk to your vet first and discuss it further. I don’t think removing the nails is a bad idea but I do worry that the surgery to remove those nails could be risky considering his age so you definitely need to talk to your vet and decide from there if it’s a good choice. If the vet thinks he can handle it and it’ll improve his comfort in the long run do it.

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