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  1. Fuck microsoft (I heard it was mojang's decision, but am gonna blame microsoft anyways, because I can't imagine mojang doing something like this)

  2. I never got an answer but my headcanon is that Microsoft distributes the money earned from the companies that they buy, and if the game's don't follow Microsoft's "dream" then they will simply defund the game and kill it, similar to how EA causes all their games to die by ruining the newer installments of games. Very obvious from the transition from PvZ 1 to PvZ 2, Pvz 3, and even PvZ GW installments that the head company (EA, in minecraft's case Microsoft) has very high authority over what is released. No way popcap would personally make their games pay to win, but they all magically followed that formula when purchased by EA. I refuse to belive this isn't what is happening to Microsoft, just instead of microtransactions, it's just overboard censorship and trying to make the game "child friendly" with no room for exceptions. Local server with two adults? Nah dude you can't say "shit" that wouldn't be CHILD FRIENDLY. "But Microsoft this is my server, I should be able to evaluate and decide whether there are children on this server, and whether or not the filter should be enforced." "shut up dude if we wanted to protect the kids we would've made the filter client side, we're really doing this so you fucking hate minecraft, but then we fix the filter so the game get a massive 'glow up' and everyone comes back, making us lots of money"

  3. Geezus. I came. So much. Stop sharing this link please.

  4. Was it blech? (Gore and NSFL warning, don't search that) or a different sub?

  5. I don't get why so many people keep making this joke, there's literally no downsides to Sarada being Hokage. She doesn't have the hatred in her heart like the others do.

  6. Its a "Hahaha funny tobirama racist repost" at least it's not as unfunny as sakura/hinata hate/cuck posts

  7. Lasers: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career

  8. Double boss armor penatrating projectiles that have no cooldown nor damage fall-off? Yes please

  9. Tbf 90% of Tod posts are with limit break, 4-5 bars, and sparking that ends up using 7 full bars of meter, it's just so unlikely to be landed in a match. It gets inundated when every post is like that. On the other side, some of those same combos are creative and can show routes for other non "bloated" combos that don't require such pre-existing circumstances.

  10. Dbfz players throwing away every resource they have in order to do 3500 more damage in a combo, instead of just doing two consecutive combos after the first one ends

  11. Their profile picture IS a hair on your screen. Mine too.

  12. bro it takes too long to breath, might as well eat the air

  13. Temari & Shikamaru feels more real than even Hinata & Naruto

  14. More real than most of the ships because kishi can't write women, I'm actually amazed we got something like shika and temari out of him.

  15. You could power it with a furnace minecart if it still acted like it used to

  16. And use a hopper minecart to constantly fuel it!

  17. I feel like the only reason they are implementing it is because the playerbase has seriously been dwindling the last few months. That being said, this will bring back some people, but the problem with the meta will eventually bore people again

  18. I think they're testing how fighterz reacts to rollback for when they make fighterz 2. This is purely based off reddit comments I've seen, i didn't even know they were gonna make another fighterz until the rollback was announced

  19. There's no proof that this footage is actually from the Switch version.

  20. Average redditor when something rare happens "well it didn't happen to me, and it's really rare, so there's no way it happened to you, you must've cheated" :4359:

  21. literally dream run chances of this happening, not a case of "didnt happen to me"

  22. Yeah I'm shitposting, very high odds of them modding the game to get this. 30 coins once the vid started too, it's probably fake.

  23. Have the files been tampered with? It's been a while since I played but I thought all 9 slots were supposed to be filled up with rare shenanigans and that's why it's so strong?

  24. oh crap not another karma bot. cropped repost, and the account being created months earlier but never posted anything until now

  25. 6 months old, 0 comment karma, and a cropped repost. Man the lengths people will go to for fake internet points

  26. Wait what? That's a thing? But why disable boss rush, it's not hard at all

  27. I think they mean disable the time limit to reach boss rush

  28. You shouldn’t think so poorly of them that you think they’d be weird towards a 10 year old girl

  29. No I wouldn't go that far, but I definitely wouldn't have my mind blown if some freak teen rewatched the video a couple times for the "content"

  30. Cant fit free space in 4x4 board, need to find 2 extra memes and not one

  31. Do a little bit of trolling and remove the free space 🥖👍

  32. He probably just screenshotted a different death screen because he forgot to get himself dying on camera or something. Nothing about this means he's faking the run lol, either way he made a new world so even if he managed to turn off hardcore its not like it made a difference. As you could see moments later, he appears in a fresh world. People want to nitpick the smallest things and make the biggest claims I swear

  33. Why do the mouths looks copy pasted.

  34. Pretty sure they are. Or the artist just sticks to their baseline very well

  35. What kind of carpel-tunnel-immune, bionic-wristed gamers are still not playing this game with a controller?

  36. less range < substantially more damage you barely even have to consider how close you are to most enemies and bosses because they go down so fast

  37. It's annoying to deal with, not being able to hit an enemy that's half a room away from me. It's just a personal preference, you can enjoy proptosis if you want but personally I just don't enjoy using it.

  38. I got shitty luck when it comes to eternal d

  39. Minimally reroll and take anything that is marginally good. Don't be greedy looking for a run winning item, if it is decent take it. If you are still getting like no items, just find an active to trade out for the d6 and hope you get lucky

  40. We sell guns in Walmarts where I live. Guess where

  41. Correct country. That tells you all you need to know 👍

  42. Its the rule to hate the 4th 🗿, it is the rule to downvote it because it is the bad egg amoug the 🗿 (don't remember what they are called at the moment)

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