1. Meme patrocinado pelo grupo B2W e Multilaser.

  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II e Persona 5 Royal na Steam. Finalmente cheguei na parte Royal do P5. Tava planejando jogar o The Callisto Protocol hoje mas talvez eu acabe esperando uns updates de performance. Need for Speed: Unbound é outro que vou deixar pra depois também.

  3. I'm 85 hours in. Yeah, there are some frustrating things and there are issues that need to be fixed ASAP and yet, MWII has been giving me a great time. It has been ages since I looked forward for an update in a multiplayer game as much as I'm looking for the mid-season patch later this month, and even after 85 hours I'm still eager to get into some matches when I have the time.

  4. Do you have SilentPatch installed? That helped me a lot back when I was playing YK2.

  5. yeah but it's still stuttering every other second

  6. Hm, I can't think of anything else unfortunately. I remember using just SilentPatch and making sure I didn't set the FPS cap to unlimited back when I was playing it. Here's hoping someone else can be of help.

  7. Yeah, I was surprised when I looked into my activity feed on Steam this last Tuesday and saw the amount of people who had just bought it.

  8. Hey there. Is this still available? Looking for the 4 codes deal.

  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II e Persona 5 Royal pela Steam. No P5R cheguei no mês de novembro, e se não me engano é agora que vou entrar na reta final do jogo.

  10. How is judgment? Can I play it having only finished Yakuza 0-4?

  11. The first one? It's pretty solid. It isn't connected to the Yakuza games at all story-wise so you will be fine.

  12. Do you know if you can buy the DLCs after buying Hitman 3? I want to get my feet wet before commiting to such a big purchase.

  13. A bit cheaper in a couple of other sites. Newegg, for example, has it for $64 and you might be able to get another small discount on top of that. GameBillet has it a tad cheaper even, $61.32. Still, Humble got the Choice subscriber discount so it's definitely worth taking a look at it too.

  14. Happy to see Anno 1800 back, will certainly give it a go now.

  15. What do you mean you aren't interested in a hundred tier lists every day made by randoms with either the most generic ranking ever or made specifically to be controversial and have people commenting on it.

  16. Can't thank WePlay enough for their work with academy teams. Congratulations to the Young Ninjas on the win, props to Spirit Academy too of course, and here's to another great season!

  17. Try-hards with the black and white CDL skin finishing a match with less than ten kills sure is something.

  18. Continuo jogando Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II e Persona 5 Royal na Steam..Comprei o Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales mas vou deixar esse pra depois de formatar o PC. Devo fazer isso em breve então não vai demorar muito pra começar.

  19. Eu sempre gosto de ver seus comentários aqui porque sinto que temos gostos similares (e a mesma aparente impulsividade pra comprar um monte de jogo hahaha).

  20. Poxa, sempre bom ler comentários assim! Se você descobrir algum jogo novo, tiver uma recomendação ou quiser bater um papo me marca por favor!

  21. I have been a fan for almost a decade and I will never forget when Yakuza 0 was announced for PC back at the PC Gaming Show in 2018. Not gonna lie, I almost lost hope for The Remastered Collection at a certain point and SEGA definitely surprised me with the Judgment games this year as I didn't see these coming any time soon. Also I certainly wasn't expecting Ishin to receive the Kiwami treatment either; I thought I'd only play it if a fan translation patch came around.

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