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  1. Looks like he can fruit-boot with the best of em'

  2. Intoxicated and naked. It's a winning combination

  3. Stupidity punches that ticket for you.

  4. Big risk, big reward. Sometimes it can be fatal. Another friend of mine that we sponsored was a Pro BMX rider. He was know for his backflips. He was trying to perfect a double. Came close , but, never pulled it off. It just took one bad attempt. He's now a quadriplegic. Stephen Murray. Not stupid, just a risk taker.

  5. How did he have a heart attack? Maybe the stress from both lungs collapsed? Terrible way to go… my condolences

  6. Yeah. That's what we thought. Probably the shock from not being able to breathe? Thank you. He was a good guy.

  7. I have the post saved. I screenshot it once it was posted. DM me if you’d like to see it

  8. Not a new thing. This was really popular in Europe back in the late 1990s early 2000s. There was a group that did it in France. The "President" of the train surfing club was found dead at the bottom of a train bridge. He body was identified by his "Train surfing" I.D. club card.

  9. For a brief moment there, she turned into Angelina Jolie, AKA "the human skeleton"

  10. Starfish got that "Klimpto-vision"

  11. 100%! Saw a "VICE" show/Documentary on this drug in Brazil. That shit is no joke. Its a good watch if you have the time.

  12. It's Deming, NM. Odds are some other local business just scooped 'em up because of this.

  13. 100%. Birds of a feather.........

  14. Plot twist: In the end, it was the butler with the candlestick.

  15. Onions are VERY TOXIC for cats!!! This is very , very bad for them! It can destroy their kidneys and cause lasting harmful effects. Renal failure. We learned the hard way. Even them getting it on their paws and licking them after, VERY BAD!

  16. I like your positivity, but some parents do want their kids to suffer but they expect the kids to be there for them because they’re your parent. Use their kids as an outlet for their frustrations and wonder why they end up dying alone….

  17. My wife and I just did this twice. My father passed on 4/10/2021from Alzheimers dementia and cancer.he lived with us . I was his 24/7 caregiver. We moved and my wife's father moved in with us and he just passed on 5/13/2022 from ephasia and a cancerous brain tumor. I'm the youngest child in my family and she's an only child. All my siblings live far out across the country, so thay were never an option. Plus, they admitted that they couldn't/wouldn't do it. It was a challenge, but, I wouldn't say a burden. It's what children do for their parents if they are able too regardless of the relationship. My dad and I had our differences and her father was not a good father to her, but, we did what we had to do. We have no children, so when the time comes for us, we have already made a pact/plan with what we are going to do. Everyone should have a plan.

  18. Takes a big heart to do what you do and have that attitude, even if you don’t consciously know it.

  19. Thanks. Just dud what we felt we should do. Even though the time spent with them was not easy at times, it was still time spent with them. They died at home and with us at their sides and with dignity. It was never an option to have them in a home or a hospital passing alone. Just couldn't do it.

  20. A gut I know got one of these when they first came out on the market. He was super proud and happy. All I could say is "why?!?!?"

  21. You have to find a Pontiac dealership first though which….isn’t easy.

  22. Actually Martika's 1 hit wonder song "Toy soldier's," came to mind, LOL!!!!

  23. Nothing like good old butt scorpions!

  24. When my grandfather passed away, my mother asked my grandmother for his masonic ring (gold and black with Mason symbol inlay) to give to me. She said yes. As she was taking it off his finger, in came a young doctor that was taking care of him. He saw what was happening and then pulled my grandmother to the side and was whispering in her ear. She looked up at him and he smiled and she gave it too him. He was a Mason. Apparently if a Mason asks for another Mason's ring after he passes, the wife must give it to them. This always pissed me off. I really wish I would have gotten his ring, but, I guess tradition is tradition. I do however have his Mason apron. It is made of the softest white leather and is stamped on the inside with the Masonic lodge he was a part of in Colorado. I have tried to contact them to see if I can join(another tradition, son or a grandson of a Mason can become a member) but they will never contact me back.

  25. You look like one of the goons from Popeye. "I love Popeye, I love Popeye."

  26. It's from the old Popeye cartoon. Not the chicken joint. Smh.......

  27. Awwwm c'mon. He was just mething around.

  28. This always reminds me of Tammy Duckworth dunking on some dickhead republican that ran against her, who tried to imply she, looking asian, 'wasn't really american'.

  29. You said it. Unfortunately, their thought process is "If you don't look like me, then you are not one of us." So sad.

  30. I am at a loss for words. So, he thought that it was "his" responsibility to save "his" race?

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