1. I would like to get my m&p optic cut

  2. Tacstyle is good for the money be prepared to wait a while tho

  3. A little too cartoony for me in regards to the skull, font is pretty big. I would try again

  4. I agree, its a little cartoony. explore more fonts, don't get discouraged and try again.

  5. SMH at some of these people assuming and coming at my neck 😂😂😂

  6. Last summer I was fooling around with one of my pistols out on the deck of my house. Don't remember exactly what I was doing but it was probably rotating magazines as I occasionally do. What I wound up doing was leaving a whole mag load of loose rounds in a saucer setting on the table. During the night it rained and the saucer ended up with about a half inch of water, enough to cover all the rounds. I dumped the water and sat the whole thing inside. Three or four days later I loaded them up and they all went bang. They were Winchester white box that I'd gotten from Walmart when they were selling that stuff.

  7. Canik TP9SF sold it cuz I needed some stuff for other guns. smh I miss it

  8. Usually GHG is pretty good about safety fr

  9. he usually is safe. obviously he made a mistake here, I think a lot of these guys are kind of hating tho

  10. I don’t know who this guy is, but he seems like the type to call every handgun a “gLoCk”

  11. I've watched some of his videos and he's definitely not one of those guys

  12. Definitely good to know, I'm going to look for deals on Rugers too. Not much more, and they seem to have a better reputation

  13. Canik TP9 elite Sc, Canik TP9SF (one series)

  14. Hey man. Sorry for commenting on your old thread but I'm in the same situation you were in. Did you end up retrieving a copy of the pistol sales record? if so, how did you go about it?

  15. I found my original, I did a private sale to a guy in my town. If you are selling it privately you would just need to download the form and put in the pistols information. You can get the pistol info from the box it came in (overall length, barrel length, mag capacity, caliber. Hope this helps

  16. You’re good man, you should be a comedian.

  17. still works on apple music...

  18. tried listening to it on apple music yesterday and today won't play😩

  19. ayo wtf! he was definitely trying to get under your skin. its amazing how racist will risk their job just to be racist.

  20. Yo that mini kit with the m&p good? I heard mixed reviews and was curious

  21. It has been good to me I haven't had any malfunction or any issues with it.

  22. I see it being sold on Optics Planet. Which model is this?

  23. It’s just the base model, it didn’t come with any extras

  24. If you’re going to get a gun get one for the right reason.

  25. My LGS is ok, they are very nice and welcoming besides a couple employees with occasional trump talk and shirts.

  26. Highly recommendelite sc back strap from Taylor freelance.

  27. nice! is the Taylor freelance smaller in size than the OEM backstrap?

  28. Honest Outlaw is solid. I’ve seen the majority of his videos and the only political stuff I’ve heard him mention is directly about guns, which most in this sub would probably agree with. He’s almost certainly not a leftie, but he doesn’t have to be to have a recommendable channel.

  29. These are some clothes that I’ve printed for my brand @KnowYourEnemys on Instagram :) Hope you guys enjoy them!

  30. How long did it take for you to get it. I’ve been looking for a holster with olight compatibility for my canid

  31. Ah didn’t catch that I missed an S. Still new to illustrator, I’ll work on the scaling. Thanks for the feedback

  32. For me the font is too simple

  33. On all three? What would you suggest ?

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