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  1. Ilidan hero power make attack before triggering macaw second deathrattle, so selfless is dead when the second deathrattle should have occured, still a bug

  2. How lvl are you guys? I'm playing with no install but with combox5, fire combo, shadow clone and double combo ( obviously master fire lvl4 from store) and I am at 152. Getting more than 4k combo most of shot feels so nice. I don't like killing with install cuz it break the 'ice combo chain most of the part

  3. Fire balle with fire master deals TONS of DMG due to the spreading

  4. I tried a totally other build than this and it works really well to me, actually at 135 and keep getting higher every weeks. I use 2 fireball, 2 ice ball, master fire, fire combo, ice combo, X5 combo special, double combo and shadow clone.

  5. Actually 0.5 is 1/200, but they still pretty low

  6. If you play with the combo build, it's pretty neat to be honest

  7. Turtle only use the skills if u take DMG, so if u desync them of the 5th turn u get double invisible turn

  8. I was wondering, I can't see any give away sign in her street, and she was coming from the right. In my country she would have priority. Anything I'm missing?

  9. Magic is nice, avenge can output it in very late game

  10. I stopped at stage 53 and I can really clear every daily event on nightmare easily

  11. How much gems u get in your chest in nightmare? I'm at lvl 110 and get 100 gems per chest, I thought the quantities was scaling too with highest level

  12. " but I loved you, You were like a brother to me.."

  13. Athena is buff against boss if paired with the octopus or turtle since u don't lose the shield

  14. Don't overthink about that, the reward increase depending of your highest stage so even though u don't always get the 3 chest u still easily get 2 most of the time, so its not worth to not progress. I'm at lvl115 and it's not that hard

  15. What is for you stupid amount? I sometime get 800M sometime 60M , but on average I'm at 400M per run

  16. It's not about the boss, if there is a monster that stand in a last row where a mobs could spawn, it won't change the round. Here the boss is frozen so the mobs behind is still at the last row (not exactly but in front of the rock) so the level stay the same cuz 'o mobs spawn Sometime it can do that without freezing when mob move laterally and are block by others

  17. Il at lvl 107 and never used the drill strat so... It's not that great because at higher level monster have so much HP, even the summoned ones, that the drill even with the X3 DMG boost, can't kill them unless u are lucky on a Crit.

  18. It the same feeling even after 85

  19. But it doesn't works that well, because the clones of ball, even special aren't considered the same and won't give X5 combo

  20. Why don't play both? I'm at stage 99 and use both, even though they have the same cool down the secret is to not take dommage in turn 5 to delay the turtle CD and have 2 turn out of 5 of " immunity"

  21. To be fair, I'm at stage 98 and never used wolf ring

  22. This is even better with shadow clone

  23. Never noticed there were 2 different spider

  24. Yeah hey could be trolling, or potentially don't understand how they work.

  25. In my opinion, power of skills depends a lot of your progression.

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