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Transwoman attacked by a mob in morocco

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  1. If you restore from backup, it will set up the new phone exactly as the old phone was at its last backup. All of your apps will re download and all of the data within them should match what the old phone has.

  2. I hope so, they said they would transfer all the data (“they” as in the apple store). put I wasn’t sure if they just meant photos and passwords. Thank you, this puts my mind at ease a little

  3. No ones talking about Harveys lack of mustache...

  4. Just googled it he didn’t get fired but his supervisor was mad and said that if he did it again he would be fired

  5. No offense but maybe they should’ve gotten someone with better voice projection to do this….

  6. Ive seen so many videos like this…. Someone’s profession isn’t an excuse for unwanted sexual harassment.

  7. One time Shane said this to me….. or rather, had the AUDACITY to say this. Immediate divorce

  8. Right? When the two people who you love and trust most have betrayed you, its hard to keep emotionally and mentally sound. Especially if you're not prepared for it.

  9. She not only lost her boyfriend, but her best friend too. Ultimate betrayal, I’d be screaming too…

  10. Don’t threaten me with a good time

  11. Nooo hes a nazi nooooooo 😰 (Edit: nevermind, we’re safe)

  12. Are you talking about the metal cross pin in the second picture? It does resemble an iron cross, but good news - that's definitely an American military qualifications badge. I think it's a marksmanship badge.

  13. Thank you for explaining, sorry!! I always get a little nervous when I see old military uniforms

  14. ..”homophobic” is a blanket term. It’s easier to say that than say “homophobic and lesbophobic and biphobic and transphobic”. It doesn’t always just refer to strictly gay men, and you should probably know that already

  15. Homophobic and biphobic and transphobic

  16. But where did it go ? I dont see no scar or nothing. Or did she paint over that ?

  17. The branch the birds are sitting on is the scar. It’s a well done coverup so it’s not noticeable from afar

  18. I half expected her to collapse, roll around in a heap clutching her arm, and be carried off the field in a stretcher.

  19. I don’t think she stumbled like that on purpose, she wasn’t expecting it and her foot was already at a weird angle

  20. I want him so bad (spoken through tears)

  21. Denji literally eats Makima. Cooks her and EATS HER.

  22. I wouldn’t say that, I think it’s just a child not understanding portion control

  23. Like actually? Male comedians often get to date really attractive women. They have more connections and are more personable and charismatic.

  24. Fred Armisen out here in the streets too. And he looks like Daffy Duck

  25. I didn’t know who that was and looked him up with an open mind… he looks like an early 2000s wax sculpture.

  26. That’s why he’s your husband!!!!

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