1. The Lakes Acoustic Chicago Night 1 Surprise Song

  2. Do you by chance have I Wish You Would?

  3. I think there was a post on this sub that shows where Taylor is during each of the songs, but I can’t seem to search for it. Could someone please link me?

  4. Taylor's been using these since the 1989 World Tour 😅

  5. At 1989 and rep they were on your seat when you got in though, she is saying these are cool because they're using a different technology which uses infrared to determine where each wristband is and not that a wristband is programmed just for one seat

  6. No they weren't, it was the same technology and the bracelets were handed out at the door. It talks about that very thing in the article I linked from 2015-

  7. Bold of you to admit you mod name nerds and suggest Everly. 😆

  8. Like I said, I'm not necessarily suggesting these for actual humans 😂

  9. I knew I was missing one! It's lower, but only because it's mostly her biggest hit singles that I've seen her perform a million times. That's why Fearless is low as well.

  10. I knew somebody would know cars better than I do.

  11. Mods, would it be possible to link the outfit tracker at the top? It was there for Foxboro but given that there are actively new dresses being debuted it may be easier to link up at the top (I linked it for people who asked in the comments yesterday....there were quite a few!)

  12. YES! So sorry, it should've been in the OP. It's now a top comment.

  13. I wish I got paid for this haha :1081:


  15. I need these. It's not a want, it's a NEED

  16. It's us, hi! This along with the outfits speadsheet is linked in this very post :)

  17. Okay, but why do you look like Taylor Lautner in the second picture? 😂

  18. IDSB: Idiotic Dolphins Singing Badly

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