-NSFW- The Taliban spot US Special Forces and move into position to ambush them. Unknown to them, Two AH-64D Apache Gunships spot them first and get permission to engage their platoon sized group. The results are devastating, taking the force completely by surprise. (Afghanistan, Full Version)

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  1. as opposed to the US Department of Defense, which is the hero of when the Afghani people stormed the beaches of California and tried to take control of San Jose.

  2. My nephew has always had an interest in the army. He’s 16 now and his mom looked up some info on joining because he has asthma and unless it’s been under control and not requiring treatment for two years they wouldn’t take him. I hope it keeps him from ever getting in. The way the world is heading I feel like the US won’t be able to keep itself out of a war for very long.

  3. Well hopefully you'd go into shock real quick and pass out... Hopefully.

  4. I would try to avoid using "you" as crutch when describing such things. Sounds unfriendly! :)

  5. I agree but that is what most traders don’t see. Or the fact that maybe it isn’t every day but you gain 15% or 10% one day of a great trade and because you waited for a good set up. There is your week. Off one set up. Pick your spots. Try to hit base hits and take the home runs when they happen. Minimize your losses so you can take strikeout. The money will add up that way. Then when you have extra capital you can afford to swing for the fences once in a while and afford to strike out in the process.

  6. 15% or 10% one day? I call BS...What kind of normal financial instrument does that kind of move on one day?Maybe SOXL/S (super volatile semiconductor ETF, triple leveraged) - but even that one rarely breaks 10% change per day...

  7. "let's stay at home, we don't need more land, we are the largest country in the world? No let's go kill 100,000 and also lose 100,000 of our own and become a part of the China-NorthKorea-Iran axis" - Russian Idiots

  8. And make sure it looks like a civilian vehicle so that Russians can not target it. Is not that a very cunning tactics?

  9. "Russians can't target it" WTF are you smoking?

  10. OK, since there were some attempts to name the point man as an action character, I figure someone needs to do it right ;)

  11. You understand conscription?

  12. have you ever been conscripted, Gen. Rando? Because I have...

  13. The worst part is that they look maybe 300 meters away which is standard for modern rifles, someone trained on a rifle could hit a guy standing up with no cover 300 meters away pretty easily. Modern warfare is a terrifying thing.

  14. This is good that you reflect and try and find some joy in life. I will tell you my story and maybe this is helpful.

  15. I am sorry but how is it exactly that you have 3 jobs and you aren't swimming in money?

  16. I do not have 3 jobs now, just 2. extra jobs get taxed heavily in Germany. I did 3 for a bit but then my marriage fell apart and I lost most of the savings on alimony and custody legal fees.

  17. All techs love job hopping every year , makes there resume look really sharp right about now

  18. I heard about a place where if they take someone on for a job and pay him more than the rest, they give all their EXISTING employees a salary raise until everyone's at the same level (I guess this is still proportional to their skill value)

  19. that first one, is his head red because of what I think made it red?

  20. Why spend 10 hours when this can be automated?

  21. I doubt you can really program a bot for a 7% return in a day on sideways price-action 🙈 I take decisions on the fly based on technical analysis and candle reactions to trends.

  22. hey I work for MasterCard, I am not just some dude who watched a youtube video on python and copied some project :)

  23. he found a good coping strategy: Make yourself super easy to hit and then it's easy to catch and remove the grenades, as they'll be within reach :D

  24. lol imagine if all the footage is cut like this - we'd watch the whole war in 9 minutes :D

  25. Dying alone in a hole in a foreign land. What a horrible way to die.

  26. This is a weird comment that might get me a couple of downvotes but here goes:

  27. The last missile in the video was basically a direct hit on the guy. Looked like it landed right on his head.

  28. look like it split him in half like a log of firewood

  29. You joke, but the 100$ camera off the shelf has half its components made in China, so you have no way of knowing whether it contains malicious code or a GPS tracker.

  30. the people who can easily tell what's on the PCB are still around.

  31. I took a server home to install SQL and other crap on it and used the occasion to look for interesting IC's.

  32. Ton of rats or other small critters. I wonder if you can indirectly detect Russian presence by the amount of rats nearby, given how bad they are about trash. It looked like the optics was blocked fairly well by that tree and if really dug in could be undetectable, but the rats would be a dead giveaway.

  33. LOL, sure they'd be... At $15 per 3 levels! :D

  34. I want to be there to see the look on your face when you don't get paid for the work you did.

  35. I want to see the look on your face when I tell you I used to design games for Ubisoft and got paid for the work I did and we shipped AAA titles that worked well and provided you hours of fun, at a fraction of this price :O

  36. What kind of battlefield tactic is this? To dig a puddle sized bowl to lay in?? And how have they not adapted to adding top cover to protect from drones? And how are these ruskies not constantly scanning the skies for drones?

  37. we get about 3-4 drone videos per day. Does that mean there are only 4 drones flying around?

  38. Seeing so many Russians have died in hundreds of videos I actually believe the Ukrainians when they say they have killed 60 thousand plus. Not sure why other country's say they have killed more like 30 thousand I just cant believe that.

  39. 20k. The most conservative number for kill/wound ratio is 1:3. So, if 60k were killed, a total of 240k will be missing from the battlefield, which is more than the Russians deployed...

  40. If the figure was 20k Russian troops killed or less I doubt Putin would have mobilized the country. Russia is desperate for troops .

  41. I don't think that's a strong relationship for this question.

  42. I wish they developed a micro-guide for these grenades. Those fins help but the drops still miss by a couple of meters... Basically, it will be nice if they design a drone-carried grenade which is built from the start as a cheap, light, anti-personel munition that can be attached to consumer-grade drones.

  43. nobody is pro Israel. Just not huge fans of murderous terrorists.

  44. Yh it’s not a black and white conflict tho. Hamas are terrorists and the idf aren’t terrorists but they aren’t better than hamas. It’s known that both sides are cunts yet here it’s pretty one sided just odd

  45. "The Valkyrie" is an Opera, not a ballet ;)

  46. Whoever designed the suspension on those trucks really loves their job. Like passionately.

  47. This is a recoilless gun. The truck is under very low mechanical stress/

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