1. Minus the fact it’s an active Warzone now, RIP radioactive bunny

  2. Lmao did he shot into your walls after you’d already prefired the run

  3. Why is one mag one way, and the rest t’other?

  4. For off hand reload or to put it in your butt quicker.

  5. I’ll try new skis but I’ll always have a pair of Moments as my daily driver. Love every pair I’ve ever owned

  6. These are the DW 104s I demoed out there but I own the 112s, still enjoy the 112 more

  7. Oh hell nah HAHA. That’s the black diamond recon stretch combo, pretty sure the summit suit is a high altitude mountaineering get up

  8. Thanks for replying! Do you know if there are other activities to do besides snowboarding?

  9. I think there are a bunch of fun nature hikes to do up in tsugaike, their top lift station might be open that allows you to access much of the backcountry terrain that is spring hiking trails! A lot of information is in Japanese unfortunately.

  10. Yeah that’s why I’m on Reddit, hoping someone can give me some tips. That sounds amazing. Do you know if I can book when I get there?

  11. I have no use for jackets without side pockets so alpha is never an option for me.

  12. Jackets with the chest pockets only really help when I’m wearing my avalanche airbag and in an area where taking my pack off isn’t really an option

  13. Great idea, but we interviewed for our summer interns back in November and had acceptance in December. Shit is competitive and I had 10 candidates for one spot.

  14. Better hurry on that SV I got a credit for a jacket of mine too and I’m eyeing it! 👀

  15. I have a friend that specializes in these things if you’d like, I can forward you information. He’s based in norcross! He uses PCGS and APMEX.

  16. Yup, need to clarify it's not from arc, it's a different brand but asked in here as most of the members would be better versed with this type of stuff and putting jackets through their paces

  17. Dawg, this is literally the arcteryx sub, come on now lmao. Also it’s so small I wouldn’t even worry about thay

  18. Haha sorry, it’s a warhammer 40k universe thing

  19. Feel like this is an important question, definitely changes the packs you’d be looking at

  20. How early do you have to wake up to get sunrise shots in a game?

  21. Probably like 1-3pm depending when double xp tokens run out

  22. Hate to say it, that can’t be repaired and anyone who says they can is taking on terrible liability. Although it’s usually the blue lever up front these are destined for the bin. I’d estimate this is probably the 27th pair of broken Shifts I’ve seen this winter alone.

  23. Bummer, that’s pretty much the consensus. I was told my best bet is seeing if Salomon will replace the toe piece and helicoil it back in but I don’t even know if it’s worth the mess

  24. Salomon will almost certainly send you a new toe piece - I've replaced a half dozen or so for this exact reason and all were warrantied.

  25. Thanks man, really Hoping they do, these bitches expensive haha

  26. Cool! I was supposed to do it in July, but suffered a shoulder separation 2 days before. That was an expensive mistake.

  27. Sure looks like it sucked, no one go to snowbird

  28. I’ve done more damage to my own skis crossing them on accident, dude is a dick

  29. Ughh me and my friends went to Hakuba Valley a few weeks back and unfortunately was in between storm systems. Totally iced up conditions all when our home mountain back in WA state was dumping feets of snow. Shouldn’t have left!!

  30. It hasn’t been kind here but when it snows it absolutely pukes

  31. I remember that post vividly, sorry that happened man!

  32. Damn, super nice photo, how did you achieve it / plan it out?

  33. Pretty much one or two of us would ski about 50 m a head looking for features, once we found something, I would ski down, spot the landing and green light the shoot.

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