1. Funeral director here. Traditional funerals with a wake have been in recession for a long time, and cremations, on the other hand, are skyrocketing mostly because they are cheaper overall.

  2. Didn’t it really take a hit during Covid but should be slowly coming back?

  3. Because giving money and fame to whoever can talk the most is pathetic and too many have confused length and volume with verbosity and credibility. Some of the best and brightest never get heard.

  4. Unfortunately, I seem to not be Arnold's descendant. But, fortunately, it seems I'm not American.

  5. You better have your DNA checked, I was reading all the replies normally until I came across yours, and I instantly read it in Arnold’s voice for some reason. I’m not even sure if you knew that you wrote it that way or it’s just built into your DNA

  6. Imagine the people that have no plans to ever work again are mad they’re going to have to not work two more years before they can officially retire from not working. Wankers!

  7. I just asked my 5 year old kindergartner, and he said that’s easy daddy, it’s a square that just barely doesn’t meet completely in one of the corners. So it’s a 4 sided square but it only has 3 corners. Kids going to be some kind of genius when he grows up.

  8. It’s a shame about your boating accident on the way home. More guns are lost like that than anything else.

  9. It also looks like it has a blown shock on the right hand side. That or a 400+ person riding over there

  10. Who ordered the hit & was it on both of their heads or was one collateral damage?

  11. I believe it was on both. I think they thought if they both disappeared with the truck that people might assume they ran off together. Them disappearing together might make the ex look less guilty too. They’re always the obvious choice for a reason. This one has all the classic red flags of the ex being the perpetrator.

  12. Yet I need to know if the body was hidden or if he died where he was found

  13. Why do you need to know that? The new autopsy determined he was murdered. Which makes sense since everyone claims they couldn’t find his body there during the initial search of the area. Even if he was missed by the human searchers, the dogs they brought out wouldn’t normally miss a body like that.

  14. This article is almost two years old

  15. Why yes it is, it doesn’t change the fact that more people need to know since on the show the last thing they said was the case was closed because there was no evidence of a crime. More people need to know there’s a $100k reward. People at that party know what happened to Alonzo. Someone knows something. $100k might just jog someone’s memory

  16. If you don’t have the zero dollar deductible just go to a rim repair shop should be about 100 dollars ask customer to pay if not your just out 100 or hit them with a smoking fee lol jk

  17. That’s not a 100 repair like curb rash. My guess would be at least 250 to take that out and refinish the rim. Could be more.

  18. Ohh that sounds delicious. I just use parmesean cheese with it usually, but next time I'll try your method. Thanks.

  19. I cover the entire crust and the pizza in a couple of cups of diced a sharp cheddar cheese

  20. This position is always open 🚩 Everyone stays at their current job after I interview them 🚩 Everyone leaves when I start onboarding 🚩

  21. Any normal moron would know to give him space to get over, but not this moron, he wants to keep him blocked in and therefore also in his way lol

  22. I agree, however if it were me I'd do it as a safety measure. This should really be up to OP, It's a choice of if you want to or not. I prefer safety and integrity over functionality in the case of something like an oil pan.

  23. What safety measure? If it’s not leaking that dent is no more of a safety issue than a door ding. Oil pans can take a beating because of where they’re located and as long as it’s not leaking it’s not a problem.

  24. She met someone on the plane or on her excursion. The flowers she showed up with that “were for her husband” were a clue. I wonder if they investigated who she sat beside on that flight?

  25. Yeah that part too. I’m surprised how many people think I’m being unreasonable here?!

  26. Yeah that repair estimate is super inflated. You will need at least 1 or 2 more estimates.

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