Dads embarrassing their daughters on the beach.

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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. Never do the "Fire Dance" on a pole, don't you know that just instantly summons a firefighter?

  2. Must be a racing pigeon. You can tell from it's slip stream and overtake manoeuvres. Just trying to set a PB in this sector.

  3. I had so many turrets, you couldn't see what they were. I had 3 equipment drones with The Back-Up equipment as well as myself. Add a couple of stacks of Soul Bound Catalyst and I was never short of a drone. Was the first build where I ended up with drones still alive after the final boss round.

  4. We have an electric heater with a fake fire place on top. It uses this same process to make the fire look real, burning on fake logs. It is very effective and produces a nice warm glow, plus it can be turned on without the heater part being on, so even on warm nights can be on. Uses hot halogen bulbs to heat the water from a water reservoir.

  5. Really cool , a bit dangerous in another way though, I’m thinking on a toddler playing with this then will go to an actual flame thinking they can touch it

  6. Also, if they were to stick their fingers into the vents where the hot bulbs making the vapour are.

  7. That's the problem with cars these days. Not a single backbone in any of them.

  8. Then an automated post to all your social accounts gets uploaded, "This user's phone has had a toilet bath".

  9. Is that his blood type "B+" on the patch? Or his soldier examination grade?

  10. That there is what I'd do. My daughter my find my antics funny now (she's only 7), but when she's a teenager she won't!

  11. My daughter is 15 and hasn’t really changed regarding my attempts to embarrass her in public. She embraces it and gets silly too.

  12. Excellent, I hope my daughter stays silly with me too. Her belly laughs are the best.

  13. There's me worrying about the amount of butter I use when cooking scrambled eggs. Yet I'll happily munch through puff pastry treats without a care for that knowledge!

  14. What was the ice cube looking thing that was dripping globules?

  15. It was frozen water in oil by the looks of things. Water in liquid form is less dense than oil, so drops to the bottom of the glass. In its frozen form, water is more dense, so floats.

  16. "They haven't noticed we're different from the other cogs, we've got gold encrusted teeth!"

  17. If you can't stop it, then control it. There should be less poisoning as a result, as you'll know there aren't unknown substances added into the mix.

  18. Ahhh, the puns on this thread are a delight to read!

  19. Not that far from me, might go pick it up ready for Halloween.

  20. Is there a time limit to this vow? Like, 20 years from now!?

  21. Exactly. This is years away and Russia could make India stop supporting these launches at any point

  22. How exactly could Russia make India stop? They've lost any credibility and sphere of influence.

  23. As long as the plant based alternatives are healthier, and not just highly processed soya protein meat subbed meals, tgen I think it's a good idea. Or even just have 50/50 options to reduce meat intake, more veg and plant based proteins to compensate. It's the nutritional factor that's important, that, and is it tasty!?!

  24. Fell up a curb. He looks a little drunk. Definitely hits the criteria to be a mobilised soldier.

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