Finally, a meme that should offend no one

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  1. Certain political parties cough cough

  2. He used to bring home ‘lightsabers’ made of card tubes wrapped in black (handle) and blue/red/green (saber) electric tape

  3. Why is there no black tiles? Racism at its finest

  4. Did you get this sorted? I'm interested in hearing what the sound is

  5. Not yet, my best guess is a warped brake disk but I’m yet to find out

  6. ‘If you don’t believe in god, they why aren’t you nazi pedophiles?’ Checkmate Atheists

  7. Then it’s car music then is it not?

  8. How Tf has one man ruined the whole of social media for you lmaoo

  9. that subs been banned if that's the actual one lol

  10. If you let the swab hover in ur mouth without it touching anything they’ll find out n you’ll have to do it again

  11. So then there’s no reason to stress. Good luck still tho.

  12. I’m Not from USA, someone lmk what this is about?

  13. Just start barking and growling like a dog

  14. Check around the inner part of your fuel cap when you open it , if there is water around it your drain pipe may be blocked which in turn will promote corrosion, happened to me.

  15. Will check when I finish work thanks

  16. If only it had something on the back to tell you what it was

  17. What can I say🤷🏼‍♂️ it only cost me my car

  18. Might just spend 24 hours a day on it so I can get it to 69420.0 quicker

  19. Dutch is very trustworthy, he gets all the faith

  20. I use a bob Marley pencil I got on holiday in Jamaica when I was 6

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