It takes over 540,000$ to max out your Diablo immortal character, not 100,000$

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  1. Totalt lægmandsvurdering, men jeg synes sgu politiet gør det godt. Både i deres umiddelbare reaktion og i den kommunikative indsats.

  2. Var et par hundrede meter væk fra Fields maks, og har sgu aldrig set så hurtig en politi-indsats, med umarkeret vogne overalt og helikopter. Mødte en grædende kvinde i metroen før de lukkede dem. Ramte først hvor stort det hele er, da jeg kom ind af døren for lidt siden

  3. Sort filter, blåt paper. Det er bare hvad jeg er vant til. Hovedsageligt tager jeg alle nederste dele af filteret af, samt 2 strips af den øverste del.

  4. I disagree. Northern European raised in a predominantly Muslim area, and it's common enough to not be questioned.

  5. I've seen this trick before, this is just another bottom/sub trying to find a top/dom because they'll say "im also here"... Clever... /j

  6. Damn, they almost got me, too

  7. And there was another “sircumsalot” in the livestream Annie did in the most recent episode.

  8. I expected the latest episode to get crazy, considering it's the first one to have a content warning, but goddamn

  9. Yeah I highly doubt it'll come out at the same time as Lighthouse expansion and a new physical trader. Would be absolutely dope, but I imagine BSG will pull some stupid shit like dropping it and wiping the 24th of December like last time

  10. I really quite liked it! For vastly different reasons than 3 and NV, but I like those for different reasons than 1 and 2. Managed to squeeze almost 500 hours out of F4, modding it to hell, making really cool bases and playing all the faction routes. However, I got almost 3000 hours on New Vegas, and I feel like I'm still discovering new quests, paths and choices. Good stuff

  11. There are... even deadly anomalies, dangerous mutants, anarchist and bandits! None of them wi-- sorry... a bad habit

  12. Duty's PA system is gonna be stuck in my head till the day I die at this rate...

  13. They obviously exist, but you'd be surprised. I live in an area predominantly Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian. Most of them fled their country and in turn "their" religion. I'm in the age-range of 2nd generation immigrants, and most of my acquaintances and friends are atheist or confused as to what to believe. Shit, some of them are more Danish than me at this point.

  14. Legoland in Denmark actually has (or maybe had, it's been almost 8 years) these machines. You get to manually choose the moves the machine makes and at which speeds (with some guidance to not fuck you up), then you get your seat number and get strapped in real fukn tight with neck brace n shit. It's super fun, but decent chance you'll put your feet on the ground and immediately puke.

  15. The Gays (CR 20). Better bring the whole adventure party.

  16. Bro your cat is absolutely zooted. What kind of catnip is he on, and how can I get it for personal consumption?

  17. 20 days late, but this is happening in quite a few genres. Been getting it A LOT in the more nu-wave rap scene, where most of the tracks are just the most basic instrumental beats. However, a lot of them are actual artists that just link to a fake version of the real artists page. Also credits more popular artists to land on Release Radar and spotify-curated playlists.

  18. Really all over when it comes to music tbh. Lots of Kendrick Lamar, Aesop Rock, Denzel Curry, Atmosphere, Little Simz etc etc (especially on the R&B side)

  19. Are you hiding from your friends that you're pirating?

  20. Friend of mine played Mount & Blade Warband on my PC when it came out. He got so hooked and asked me to teach him how to pirate stuff. He never got past Daemon Tools (Lite), so I just gave him an external hard drive with Red Alert 2, Total War Medieval 2, Dungeon Keeper 2 and other assorted classics. Never got that expensive-ass 250GB drive back :')

  21. They can do better and this is not so modern, look for some su 47 / 57 crazy things!

  22. The Su-57 is built and piloted by aliens. Jets shouldn't be able to do what that thing can do.

  23. Thrust vectoring, VTOL and the sheer quality and zoom of modern attack helicopters. Those are the things that blow my mind currently

  24. This must be an old video ? Because we in sweden pays shit ton of taxes to save the world from this.

  25. Hahaha haha. Yeah, here in Denmark we pay a shitload of tax and have 4 separate garbage bins, too. Doesn't mean all of humanity suddenly stopped fucking over the planet in every way conceivable

  26. it's legit cheaper to fly to EU to see a band for some of the US tours.

  27. I actually met a Canadian woman at Copenhell that did exactly that lmao. She volunteered and took a plane to Denmark, then bought a ticket to Hellfest in Denmark and went to France after Copenhell. Smort

  28. Because these people don't bother taking a closer look. They see 10 years of development + 10k$ ships, and their mind blows up.

  29. Having Chris run you for your foams and wallet is still a goddamn scam imo, but mainly due to absolutely insane pricing. There's just no game like it, and it definitely is constantly developed, and competently at that. It's a success no matter how you look at, and it'll keep being one for years to come, but don't tell me the pledge store doesn't make your inner commie beg for the sweet release of death

  30. Doesn't the exit marker in the North also not appear until you leave the map on the MG side for the first time or something like that?

  31. Yep. You gotta go to Cordon first and then back to the Swamp before it shows up

  32. The fact the boss did a 10k salaryincrease AND retention bonus while making his intention clear that their buying loyalty... real giga chad move in my books.

  33. Watch the series "Dark" on Netflix. Some stellar captions there.

  34. I just hit the second season on that! (While playing Stalker like a dweeb) Absolute golden captions

  35. Depending on the year, you're probably looking through an MX-15 or MX-25. There's some showcase videos on YouTube, and it's actually insane

  36. My question is why downgrade the footage if the capabilities of the camera you are using is already public?

  37. It's the same reason America altered a large amount of Vietnam photos to be black and white. (This is where I'd go on a tangent to sound smart, but another dude is way ahead of me)

  38. So the thread that you decided to cite non-recidivism was a particularly shit place to make that claim

  39. Doesn't make it any less valid. Prison is pretty dope around here. You get work, you get to go outside with a curfew, you get a PS4 and shared kitchen. Shit, local beds are more comfortable than my tiny-ass one

  40. Which Subnautica? Because I'm pretty sure the faces of both player characters are advertised at least, so you do know what you look like.

  41. It's not entirely accurate. Both characters are modelled in-game with faces, up until you put on a different suit. Your face disappears when you fx. put on the radiation suit

  42. Nu snakker jeg som en ung 21-årig gut der var helt fortabt efter folkeskole. Blev erklæret selvmordstruet efter et enkelt møde med en skolelæge, kastet rundt i systemet, skiftede kommune, fik efterværn, fik nogle ret voldsomme diagnoser efter en tur igennem en lokal PPC klinik.

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