1. It is about an inch and a half to 2 inches long and I found it on my brother's hat after a hike through some hills and trees. We were hiking in the hills about 45 mins east of Portland. It curled up when we removed it gently from the hat and on to a leaf.

  2. I love sushi masa but the few times I've gone it's had a way longer wait than any other place I've been to. (It was definitely worth the wait though)

  3. I'm curious what they do with all these pallets. Is it just to have them? Are they being used or sold? Are there new pallets on there being swapped out or has it been the same pallets all this time?

  4. Book lady lives on the Eastside now assuming she is still kicking. As for the Bird peeps not sure what happened to them

  5. Book lady is still around. Saw her on Eastside last week. Still doin her thing.

  6. Anyone know when power is expected to be restored? Mine is out too

  7. I'm so glad to see how this city has been growing with support for this.

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