1. I agree he’s the best looking person alive currently and it acc makes me so sad because he’s married

  2. They think the girl in the Onlyfans is you? People in your circle... friends who know you, think it's you? No chance

  3. Not so much friends but mutuals. There is a very big social circle between people that went to certain schools of a higher reputation within my area so people from the past never go away as everyone knows everyone. I’ve had a few people thinking that she’s actually promoting my only fans for me since I’ve just turned 18.

  4. Can you make a post about it, explaining that it's her. And not you?

  5. I have on my private story on Snapchat but I don’t want to make it extremely public she might end up feeling antagonised

  6. I’m curious to see that video now, because I appreciate mixes of features like that.

  7. I think both pronunciations are fine but when he refers to himself he says Killian

  8. They will fade and even if they don’t moles are cute!!

  9. Yeah, I think Joe Locke has a better handle on it than Kit Connor. Though while Kit Connor actually passes for 16, I can't get over Joe Locke REALLY not looking 14. Haha

  10. Thought that as well but kit actually ended up growing on me and I thought he was really good, both really looked the part quite used to 25 year olds play the role of 17 year olds so seeing some 18 year old play year 10s and year 11s actually the most realistic casting I seen in one of these so far

  11. I’ve seen many tv shows with fine men. In my opinion, there’s no hotter male character than Tommy FOOKiNG Shelby

  12. Not just his eyes all of him is perfect I’m just saying like his eyes r insane. Him and Cillian Murphy both have the best eyes I’ve ever seen

  13. Loved Dracula they should of made a second movie

  14. No, At least until season 5 episode 3 so you get the sex scene where he goes ‘your my property’

  15. The first song I listened to that got me liking Lana was high by the beach but rn my fav song is west coast but I think my most listened to song is Art Deco

  16. Hmm. I’m biased towards Jared but both of them are gorgeous.

  17. Being this sexy shouldn’t be allowed cos then how can I hate men

  18. Him as Frank castle ong he could do anything to me

  19. The fact that he is dead and 19 in this film should make me feel way guiltier than it does :/

  20. I feel the same cos it’s like the stuff I grew up watching when I was younger, get similar feelings when watching Jessie and seeing Cameron Boyce

  21. Not the asshole. Next time around you could try be a little more involved - also you could apologise for not being involved if they are upset as it’s just a nice thing to do. However, it is completely understandable to be tired and not wanting to be involved as you are overloaded with work and just want to relax. My dad is exactly the same way.

  22. God he’s so micro aggressive and doesn’t realise his underlining racism - after immediately finding out your Asian he immediately thinks ‘she must like anime then!’

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