1. It’s gonna be this way until you start solids! I have a snacker myself and it didn’t really ease up until month 7

  2. You don’t need to stop nursing him to sleep because you’re husband can’t get him down the same way. He will find his own way that has nothing to do with boobs and everything to do with his own daddy instincts and methods that work for him. Baby is going to be pissed off the first few times and then he’s going to adapt - he’s well aware that daddy doesn’t have any milk. He’s being too hard on you you’re barely out of the fourth trimester

  3. My baby is 15 months so she eats by herself, and during breakfast or snacks I'll put her stuffed animals on the table (they always eat meals with her) and arrange them to hide my phone and sit there with my coffee and internet 🤣🤣

  4. Assuming you love your wife and will coddle her a little, treat her like the crabby gal she is and handle everything the night before. Gas tank full, cooler loaded, road beverages ready and bags packed!! Then grab your crabby lady and buckle her in with her blanket and pillow, whatever does it for her. Stuff like this can’t be the shit that makes or breaks you. I imagine that you, being the early bird, can’t stay up past 10 pm and your wife had spent plenty of evenings alone. Be kind to one another!

  5. For baby’s first six months I religiously used the Hakka - on a great day I could gather two ounces, on a bad day less than .5, in the evenings hardly anything came off at all. That’s the only indicator I ever had and now at 10 months I just kinda squirt milk out in the shower and take it as a win

  6. Lmaoooo my husband’s jack russel shit right outside his door the first time we had sex. 12 years later this bitch has embedded her fur into everything I own but sleeps next to my 9 month old anytime she gets the chance. Outside of wishing she hadn’t chewed all the buttons from every cardigan I own I wouldn’t change a thing. She’s also white, 13 and deaf as all hell with cataracts.

  7. NO. I don’t give a fiddle if someone’s kid has ‘allergies’ I’m not coming over, I’m not bringing my kid and I’ll see you when you’re no longer contagious!! I am so exhausted by people implying that I’m overreacting or too protective of my baby because I won’t deal with anyone who’s ill. Setting aside the risk to baby’s health, who in their right mind wants to be sick?? My son had rsv at four months and it fucking sucked. We ended up in the emergency room and went back fourth to the pediatrician several times before he was better…three and half weeks after he was initially exposed. The recent media exposure and the amoxicillin/Tylenol shortage is reason enough to just stay the heck home

  8. Everything is relative but I can’t imagine adding 3-5 cans of formula to my grocery bills as of this moment. Insurance took care of the pump and I purchased one good pumping/nursing bra for $60. Nursing clothes are always hit or miss but anything I bought went in place of a shirt or dress I probably would have bought anyway. The real factor here is time and comfort. 3 months nursing my son in a recliner destroyed my back. We bedshare and the cuddle curl does a number on your neck and shoulders. Handling 100% of the feeds, even if you hop on the pump twice a day to give yourself a break with dad at night is still exhausting. On top of that, breastfeeding at the minimum is about food and at the maximum the holy grail of comfort. Nobody can sooth baby like the magic boob. There’s no price for the strain breastfeeding puts on your body and mental health. We’re going 9 months strong but if anyone had told me what to prepare for I might have just stuck with enfamil and moved on lmao! But at the height of the formula shortage I was grateful for my body and my choices. The shelves are still empty more than half the time at my stores in FL.

  9. I think it’s pretty common. It’s amazing she has the wherewithal to ask for a diaper to poop! I potty trained my niece and #2 was tough. Normally I’d catch her hiding and take the diaper, revisit the potty and talk about poop in the potty. She really didn’t have a lot of words by 2. When I guessed it was time to poop I sat her down and gave her the iPad. I know it’s probably not the best way to go about it but it worked. 9 out of 10 times we had poop and no tears and she watched some tv while she was at it. I mean I definitely take my phone to poop so it seemed appropriate

  10. These comments are so wild!! There is a scale for things of this nature. While everyone’s is going to be different, some things are going fall under ‘undeniably cheating’ and some things will fall under ‘inappropriate and disrespectful’. I don’t mean to undermine your feelings, but no matter what you decide you believe is cheating or not, there is a huge difference between a lap dance and a stripper blowing your fiancé in the backroom and getting paid for it. I understand if it’s morally reprehensible to you, but what did you think he was going to do at the strip club? It didn’t occur to you that his groomsmen and friends would buy him a dance? Or was this some kind of test for him? Because if it was he failed miserably and you had to have expected it.

  11. So it’s ok for a stripper to grind on a man’s penis ? How would you feel if your girlfriend grinds on a male stripper’s penis? How is that ok but kissing is cheating? I think lap dancing is even more intimate and is cheating.

  12. I am a woman. If my husband accepted a lap dance bought for him on a night out my only question would be to ensure he tipped her properly. Like I said, there is a scale. If he kissed a stripper, I’d be furious and new boundaries would arise. But we are already married and have a decade of foundation beneath us. If it’s unacceptable to OP, then perhaps she needs to move on from the relationship.

  13. I’m sorry 😞 a little compassion and empathy goes a long way and it sounds like even a little from your hygienist would go miles. Teeth are hard. I didn’t have good oral hygiene growing up and 10 years of no dental insurance certainly didn’t help. However my mom gifted me a waterpik for my birthday and it is 100% worth the price tag. Saves me a ton of time and makes it easy to floss twice a day.

  14. Some pictures of the accident. I was hit directly over my driver side door by someone going about 60 through a red light. My survival can be credited solely to that seat belt.

  15. Crab legs. My boyfriend (husband now) was introducing me to his close friends and I went all out and made a seafood dinner. His best friend shucked all of his crab legs into a neat little pile and then slathered the crab meat in ketchup. It has been 13 years and I still remember the disgust rising in my throat at the sight of it.

  16. Hey just jumping here to tell you I had the same symptoms and I had a hernia on C6 and C7. Physio for a couple of months fixed it and I have to do exercises every morning but no more numbness or stiff neck or anything. I am a new person!

  17. Thanks for the info, both of you. I’ve been asking for an MRI but my primary doesn’t agree with me. They referred me to a neurologist because they now think I have carpal tunnel. Maybe that’ll be a better help 😢

  18. It’s so true though. I went to my primary because I’ve been experiencing numbness in my hands since about 3 months pp - offhanded I mentioned that my back has been more tense than usual because I’ve been nursing since day one and it’s a lot with the different positions as lo grows. Her resident looked me dead ass in the eye and said ‘You should probably schedule an appointment with your OB since she knows more about breastfeeding then I do.’ WTF

  19. The shakes are sooooo bad I had to hand my baby back to husband just seconds after I got to hold him it was awful!! Couldn’t properly hold him for an hour or so

  20. baby was a doctor, mommy was a nurse and daddy was the injured (bloodied) patient 🩺

  21. Try letting him cry it out from now on. It sounds like you’re going to be busy taking care of your 14 day old child

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