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  1. I think our dude has been putting the spray paint/huffing bag around his whole head and turned himself dark silver.

  2. My very first cat growing up I named Ruca!! He lived to be almost 20 years old!! Not once did they get his name right at the vet lol..We called him “Ruccies”, is it a Sublime reference? Mad cool, made my day!

  3. He is Doug Funny’s bully…that Skeeter was always a simp for Patty Mayonnaise.

  4. My calico has a little black nose and all white face like that too! It’s my fave thing to boop!

  5. I got to choose my second language in college and was super lucky to have ASL as a choice! I didn’t need ASL, but I didn’t need Spanish or French or Russian either. My professor was deaf and taught us SO much, not only about speaking ASL but the culture and the history too! Best class I ever took!!

  6. No… you were correct; telling a prostitute you have a “dancing kink” makes absolutely no sense :)

  7. Maybe try the Macarena, or a lite round of cotton eyed joe possibly

  8. It was a pit bull, one that she knew and had been around before and had apparently never bitten or attacked anyone before. In this video, she explains that the dog has been euthanized, which was not her decision as that is the law where the incident took place.

  9. So sad…I saw the story when it broke, I’ve just started recently getting into dance moms and have a special place in my heart for Chloe. When Abby wouldn’t even refer to her by her name it killed me. I’m glad these girls have each other, it’s very sweet.

  10. Does anyone know the breed of dog was that attacked her? Was it a German Shepard?

  11. Op I read your responses above, please somehow tell APs parents..same thing happend to me and my Ex got invited on a “thanks for taking care of our house trip” from her parents because they didn’t know he was staying there the whole was sick. Please reach out if you want to talk, our stories are similar. Much love sweet heart.

  12. 4 year old me explaining why we need McyDs RIGHT NOW to my mom

  13. I hate being called a’s just super vulgar and really doesn’t roll off the tongue like bitch or something so I feel like it takes a lot more thought process to throw out against me.

  14. Thank you for this, I fully get the rolling off the tongue thing, can I ask and feel free to jot reply 😊 Do you feel its vulgar if its not directed at you? Is it just the word cunt or is it mainly when it's being weaponised that you dislike it?

  15. In any context.. I think it’s just tipping the charts for over the top.. especially in the US where it’s not a widely used slur.

  16. What would be genuinely mildly interesting OP is if you put that shock collar on and gave us a play by play..

  17. I’m from NE USA but can’t stop saying boiled as “BouLd” and this makes me love this 10x more!!

  18. This is all fun and games until you ride a T bar your first time skiing and lawn sale for no reason and they have to shut down a moving pulley that relies on momentum. Fun.

  19. My bf would probably stop telling me I’m fat…that’d be cool

  20. This is amazing I’d love to know how many years, and if the student has been named!

  21. Beautiful! We called them eggs in a nest growing up, got to introduce my bf to this dish recently and he loved it!

  22. Thanks! It’s such a great and simple dish, I love making it.

  23. Do you use a cookie cutter or just a good old fashion way to get the center of the bread out?

  24. I don’t work hard, I make enough doing what I love to get by and I’m super happy.

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