I guess Herschel Walker is probably gonna lose now huh?

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Cats are obligate carnivores. This is normal eating for a cat. I mean eating a human isn't normal but a cat will eat any meat. They don't eat cat food in the wild.

  2. I thought cats like humans though? So why would they eat them?

  3. I mean, even humans will eat humans under certain circumstances.

  4. Is a night guard for grinding teeth only one piece or is it 2? I only use one on my bottom teeth, am I missing the top guard? Or will I be fine with one?

  5. Whenever I see Herschel Walkers name, I have to remind myself that it's not Herschel out of The Walking Dead.

  6. I don’t know that show. Do you not know Herschel Walker from football? He’s much more famous that whoever you are talking about

  7. Where is the shockwave? I only see conservatives talking about this

  8. How does Joe Biden declaring the pandemic over fit into your prediction?

  9. I did not know that people on this sub who think that only north America exists on the map exist.

  10. Your predictions about the us were wrong. I’m sorry you are an idiot. Go away now you. Stay in your shithole country.

  11. Cold soaking is just punishment. It’s turning backpacking into a overly robotic and analytical exercise

  12. I personally felt like it wasn’t any less safe than a lot of other hikes on the island. I’m a decent hiker in okay shape, and It took me 6.5 hours, including .5 hours at the top, and I stopped whenever I needed to. I did it in May and started at 6am so it wouldn’t be too hot, I’d say it was the perfect time to start. It was very cloudy and did drizzle the first few hours, but it wasn’t a problem other than getting a little muddier. It’s a very peaceful hike to do by yourself, I enjoyed every minute. Bring a lot of water and electrolytes, bring snacks, wear gloves, start early. It is illegal to step up to the radar station and stairs, but anyone doing this hike probably knows that already.

  13. Yes, people do. It’s really dangerous since the stairs are old and falling apart. They sometimes have guards and police at the bottom though, ready to hand out a fat fine.

  14. Wow people still do it. It seems like it comes with too much anxiety to do it. Have you ever done the summit trail along the ko’olau range?

  15. no idea maybe too much liability to keep open when the patrons fight for what ever reason but used to have a lot of clubs

  16. So what do those people who used to go to clubs do now ?

  17. Jfc how have you made it this far in life with a troglodyte mind like this? Get off the internet and out of your mothers basement, you naive incel.

  18. Ironic you call me an incel when all you douche bags are defending beating women. Lol you really are the biggest douche of them all, arnt you?

  19. Lmfao I find it hilarious that you think that something a toddler is doing now, is something it’s going to do for the rest of its life. Goddamn you’re such a joke. You don’t even know what you’re arguing about!

  20. Well I know your a douche. I know this much is true

  21. Putin made the statement years ago that Obama was turning America into a cesspool of debauchery. Then he halted adoption of Russian orphans to American people.

  22. He halted orphans leaving his country because they have a negative population growth and needs bodies for his stupid war games

  23. I can’t wait until he’s forced to buy twitter

  24. Honestly I used heroin for over 6 years (I’m sober now thanks to Jesus Christ) and I can honestly say shooting up H was less harmful to me than the jab has been.

  25. So do you like bushwhack into a spot and set up a base camp to do exploring from ?

  26. Mississippi college frat boys are so weird to me. Wearing those little blazers and being all weirdly conservative while looking like 15 year olds

  27. How can you play that game for 6000 hours. I mean is there enough new things to do in it. Or are you just riding your horse aimlessly around just high as a kite?

  28. Shooting up heroin was less harmful to me than the Jab has been

  29. There’s a couple dozen on them on the “spook_boys” Telegram channel, lots of Russian casualties piled up the past 48 hrs

  30. Is there many more videos on the Lyman encirclement that you’ve seen on telegram?

  31. Poor souls. Hope they rest in peace. This is horrible and this war needs to end.

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