1. I think you’ve already received lots of great feedback from others but just wanted to leave a message to wish you the very very best luck with your search as I found many commonalities with your profile ☺️ (34F, was looking for a serious, committed long-term relationship, swing dancer, trained in classical music.) You come across as a warm, curious, emotionally reflective and aware person, and very genuine. I hope someone great who is ready to commit and be fully in a partnership crosses your path!!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind and sincere wishes ❤️ How is your own journey? Do you have a partner now?

  3. To me it kind of goes both ways. You, having sifted through so many people, know exactly what you are looking for. And for us also out there it is good to know that successful, independent folks like yourself are still looking for the one.

  4. Yep definitely still looking, please step forward lololol 🤣

  5. I had an identical situation, was driving me crazy. I finally tried boric acid suppositories and they completely cured it. It was amazing. You might want to look into them.

  6. This is helping me a lot with odor too. I've also had repeated BV infections

  7. I am very glad you’re both seeking therapy. I hope that the work you are doing for yourself helps you and I hope the same for your partner.

  8. This is really kind, empathetic, supportive, and realistic. Thank you ❤️

  9. Ultimately, he needs to figure out or be taught some coping strategies to deal with and lessen his anxiety. If he's never once made any kind of effort to begin this process, then I'm going to say that you're wasting your time.

  10. He's been in therapy most of this year. Took a break for a few months and just started going again. I think he's making an effort for himself in that vein, but I still have hesitations if that will help him here.

  11. Any idea why he took a break? Do you think he's made any visible improvements?

  12. Yes, he was traveling internationally for a couple of months over the summer with work. He said he was feeling better and okay with taking the break while he was away. Lately he says he's been struggling again and is at home so he just resumed seeing his counselor.

  13. The bottom line here is that most users will simply not want to use two separate apps to message with. Not when there's other apps that don't force them into a fractured messaging solution.

  14. I found this out the hard way getting a new phone this week. Definitely pissed.

  15. I enjoy taking them and sending them with men I've been in relationship with. It's fun for me, I love my body, and I love how they've been received in the past. My current partner is long distance, so we especially love it. I love knowing how turned on I make him.

  16. Read her post though! He is the one who keeps bringing up these conversations and introducing his “stretched out” ex girlfriends into the conversation. She’s merely participating in conversations that he started, which she doesn’t even want to be having in the first place. She has no problem with his penis size, she’s not the one comparing it to past partners, he just can’t let it go because he’s insecure and keeps bringing it up again and again.

  17. You might want to also get perspectives of people over in

  18. You should ask him for a 3 month check in. “Do we want to continue seeing each other?” Both of you should have an opportunity to answer. “Do you see exclusivity between us?” Both of you take a turn. “What is one area we can improve in?” Listen to each other, and wrap it up. Don’t let it take over the evening, just dedicate a reasonable amount of time (15 minutes or so) to nurture what you’ve got going on. This is can evolve into a painless and healthy routine to keep you two on track for the long haul

  19. I enjoyed Italy on my own! I traveled to Rome, Florence, Spoleto, Siena, and Bologna.

  20. No do not wait. He’s making a terrible first impression. You are already making all of the effort and he can’t even be bothered to respond to a text. Sounds like he keeps you on a back burner in case his other plans don’t pan out. Hence the late reply days later and hours before your suggested meet time. I would delete and move on.

  21. Yes, I do want that reciprocation of effort. 👍 Thanks

  22. When I first read your headline I was thinking you were being harsh as it's only a week. But after seeing that he isn't even reading your messages for 1-2 days I would just give up to be honest. I'm chatting to a guy and when he's off work he replies within 10-20mins. We are struggling to meet up due to our work schedules but we know each other's rota as soon as we get it so we both know the whole picture. Again I would give up. X

  23. Yeah that has been my experience sometimes as well. Some faster back-and-forth chatting in the app and then we can actually set up a time to meet. He's taking too long.

  24. Just fyi, "handicap" isn't really the correct term... "Disabilty" is a better word.

  25. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate the opportunity to learn. ♥️

  26. Speaking to you straight—this has red flags written all over it. The kind I've seen firsthand.

  27. Dad sets an amount he needs to contribute to live there. You set an amount he needs to contribute to use the wifi and so on and give him a date when it starts. It sounds like he will get mad regardless so remove the desire to have it be a pleasant conversation and simply treat it as a requirement to remain.

  28. This is between your dad and your brother. Maybe move out if you can’t stand him eating food you bought, or using Internet you paid for. I see both of those things as you paying “rent“ and if your father chooses to let him free load, that is your father‘s choice.

  29. Oh oh try mancala and checkers too! I love playing games with my 5 year old. Its like my favorite thing ever and shes actually pretty decent at these games,

  30. I haven't played mancala since I was a kid! I learned them the same time I learned Go and Nine Men's Morris too. Guess I know what's next on the list at our house!

  31. Was he any good at it? I played with my 7-year-old nephew once and every word was basically "THE." Was the longest game of my life.

  32. Lol! Well we did Scrabble Jr. and he's a pretty good reader, but he and my husband played on a team too. So my son tried to find the words and checked the spelling and my husband coached him a little. It was fun!

  33. I love that you want to do music lessons with your daughter. As a parent, I truly believe that you are your child's first and most important teacher.

  34. Oh that sounds great! I'd love to check it out and see if it's a good fit for me and my LO. Thanks!

  35. Excellent idea if she's as excited about it as you are. I learned to play classical guitar together with my son and we used to play duets together. And then he got to playing pieces that were far too difficult for me. That's the kind of problem all parents want.

  36. Oh that sounds amazing! I would love to do duets with my LO. :)

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