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  1. Let's see. Cheating. Lying. Keeping secrets. You know, the same thing everyone else in this storyline has done/is doing lol

  2. And this relates to and affects anyone but Chase, how?

  3. It doesn't. But since I have to explain it to you like you're 12, it proves Willow is no saint

  4. I literally have no idea who the hell you are talking to…

  5. They did not. She’s a faithless tramp.

  6. I think the Luke reveal will happen around the 60th anniversary. He's not dead and we all know it. They're just sitting on it until they decide it's time. I do think they've coaxed TG out of retirement for a very short guest stint for this story.

  7. Someone on this sub argued with me vehemently that Luke was Definitely dead. Almost like they’ve never seen a soap before.

  8. I feel like this Chase/BLQ/Linc plot gets more boring by the episode.

  9. Literally no one wants to keep watching this hottie sing these generic warbles.

  10. I'm sorry, but if I was "adopted" and found out I was dying of leukemia while pregnant, I would be shouting from the rooftops to have people help me find a donor who could save me.

  11. And she’s a health care “professional “…

  12. My mom thinks Britt isn’t actually getting worse. She’s wondering if Austin somehow drugged Britt to make her appear to have symptoms…then conveniently provided the doctor that confirmed her illness has progressed. Otherwise, it would be Liesl running all the tests and such.

  13. This is the only theory that makes the dumb mystery phone calls make sense. I’m so sick of that Party City necklace.

  14. Lol I think I’ll stay home. Sounds dangerous out there.

  15. Yes! For like half a second lol

  16. We’ll never know what this means because they will keep dropping the story.

  17. Didn’t Carly just have this scene with Willow’s “mom”? Good grief

  18. Are they setting Georgie up to be the hooker. She’s going after lovers of chocolate ice cream.This show is exhausting.

  19. Shouldn't they be trying to get Holly help and putting the pieces of the puzzle together instead of getting their nails done? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  20. This is Sooooo stupid! Not one cop has questioned her?!

  21. This character is painful to watch.

  22. How long ago did she fall off the parapet? She’s showing already?

  23. Yes, they are creepy, and yes, they are supposed to be creepy, but her calling him daddy isn't creepy, because he literally is her father. I know, people have given the word a sexual connotation, I get it, but MOST people don't use it that way, and the most common usage is still the same as it's always been, which is completely innocent.

  24. Exactly. I’m 51 and call my dad Daddy. He’s my damn father.

  25. He’s the big wall fork and spoon.

  26. Lidl has great baked goods and cute enamel cookery. Random facts.

  27. Is it expensive? I usually drop about 30 bucks at the French bakery I visit and only get 1 or 2 things for each person.

  28. Nooo! Totally reasonable. The seasonal aisle during the holidays is top notch!

  29. At first I thought it was Marshall. He has a strong dislike for Sonny but now I just don’t know.

  30. I still feel like Cody would make some solid Costco choices and take you to get the pizza after. So I’m here for that.

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