1. Curtis deserves to be single for a while. He’s ridiculous.

  2. GH sets and costumes are underwhelming compared to Y&R (or GH a few years ago). Pretty sure ad revenues have plummeted for GH compared to its heyday and it shows. I don't think just Laura and Maxie are underattired, it's everyone.

  3. Agree the usually save the “good” clothes for Ava and Nina. Everyone else is Marshall’s sale rack hit or miss.

  4. I think she crossed that border months ago. She’s the worst.

  5. I’m just so confused. She gave the baby to the man who was also trying to give the baby away to his sister so he can be a play uncle. And didn’t ask any follow up questions. They gave us this whole storyline for what? So we can see Isabella’s serial killer eyed parents again?

  6. I am 52. I know it’s wrong to get finger banged in a studio apartment when I’m taking care of my hip surgery friend.

  7. Alfie deserves a 52 year old woman from Washington, D.C…. 😂

  8. I’m so confused by Ava. We just saw her leave her kid with Carly for the 59th time and have a heart to heart blah blah blah. Now she’s smirking that she could go to prison for SEC violations??

  9. Why the desire to give slack to someone who filmed virgin porn and distributed it? Someone who drugged a girl for merely existing and being preferable to you boyfriend? She’s a sociopath.

  10. She was over bearing before she found out Willow was her daughter. The entitlement she felt in being Wylies grandmother was next level.

  11. As soon as she started liking SMike her interest in Wiley plummeted. They can’t say she was harassing them all the time. They actually called her and we’re like “you wanna see this kid or not?” They really think we all have EsmeAmnesia

  12. Call me crazy but if I was apparently one good sneeze away from dying… I’d want people to care about how my kids are.

  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/O5doUgN59hnhJYKPlu

  14. He’s boring himself to death?

  15. I need to know his actual plan, to care about his demise or not.

  16. It is selfish and I’m glad she’s looking out for herself. That’s Portia’s problem sorry Curtis…go blame Jordan for this too.

  17. Hot take- Curtis regretted divorcing Jordan long before they even signed the papers. He was so hell bent on punishing her that he threw himself into a relationship with Portia. If he was so secure in that relationship he wouldn't be letting Jordan live rent free in his head.

  18. I stand by this theory. He’s obsessed with her. This new actress is so beautiful, I don’t blame him. (Sorry whiny Portia)

  19. Maybe NOT the one who’s a twin to her psycho dead dad? Idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. Seriously Curtis just STFU dude. You would have been pissed if Jordan came to you and would have accused her of lying because she was still in love with you 😒

  21. I’m convinced he’s obsessed with her. All this drama in your life with your current wife and the first thing you do is run to yell at who you really want to be with. Toxic idiot.

  22. Liz could bill Esme for private nursing services. Ace is a big, healthy baby and the only pre-natal care Esme received was from Elizabeth.

  23. Idk why you’re getting downvoted. This is funny 😂

  24. The audacity. Tammy is always sending me passive aggressive letters that I should learn how to relax. And sit under this tree looking stupid with you?! No thank you!

  25. I laughed for 10 mins like “what did you try bruh?” Lol

  26. Totally agree! I really don't like how Jordan has been treated through all of this. She was in an impossible position. I would love to see her get a romantic interest and finally get over Curtis. He is not deserving of her love, IMO. Yes, she lied to him, but it was all work related stuff. She didn't keep a child from. him. Honestly, their whole break-up felt a bit contrived to me, at the time. Her character is being wasted right now with this storyline.

  27. It was contrived. Just to swap out Porsha.

  28. Omg the whole scene made me cringe and how is he trying to blame JORDAN for this one too?! He’s obsessed with her.

  29. Because shenanigans with Nolan’s dead mom and people we have never seen and will never see again, were more important.

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